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Summary: Annabel had her own issues: Math classes, Chemistry, her brother… she really didn't need to have to deal with that annoying boy who suddenly arrived at her house. Even though he was so damn hot…

Chapter one: The news

God knows when I would finish that stupid math homework. Jesus Christ for what would I use this damn things in my life? Oh, I have to stop with the swearing.


Well, I do feel better when I do that.

The truth was, I had a big test the very next day and I didn't know what I would do. Well, I could ask Lisa, but she didn't know anything either. Besides, it was ten p.m, she would probably be sleeping by now. I couldn't ask my dad for help, because he would know that I wasn't prepared for the damn test and I could get in trouble. A lot of trouble, if you want to know.

So, I decided to close my book and forget about. What was the point after all? I didn't even like Math, for God's sake! Lots of numbers and signs… well, I wasn't a bad student at all, I really liked English and a little bit of History and that was it. The numbers and I didn't get along very well and we both knew about that. Stupid little things…

"Annabel, can you come downstairs for a moment?"

When I heard my dad calling me, I let out a sigh and got out of the bedroom, thinking about the reasons that made he call me.

1 – He found out about the Math test.

2 – He found out about the Chemistry test I had last week.

3 – He found out about how I pester my young brother Andy.

The third one couldn't be, everybody knew about that. I had to get there and find out.

My mom was sitting beside my dad, smiling at me in a strange way. Her name was Sandra, and she had the most beautiful blue eyes that I had ever seen. Of course that God had to punish me and give me just those common hazel eyes. What a shame.

My dad, George Baxter, was the kind of guy that doesn't have anything extraordinary about himself. He was a lawyer – a good one, that's for sure – and wasn't handsome or anything. I wonder why my mom, being so beautiful, had chosen him when she could've had any other guy.

At least she was attractive. I think I seriously got all from my dad.

"Sit here, sweetie." He pointed to the recliner, placed right in front of there.

"Whatever Andy told you guys, it's not true." I started right away, aware that my dear young brother would do anything to ruin my life.

"Andy didn't tell us anything, Annabel." Mom said in a friendly voice.

Andy was eight, and he surely was annoying in all ways you can imagine. He had mom's blue eyes – damn – and dark hair. He was very handsome, that's for sure, and would probably be very popular in high school. But still, he was annoying and would do anything on his power to make me look like a fool.

Dad's face wasn't happy, but I got that he wasn't mad either. He was kind of sorry. Something happened, and I needed to know what.

"So…" I looked at him "What is it?"

Mom started talking, since dad didn't say anything.

"Your dad has this friend, Harry… he lives in New York. Do you remember him? He and his kid stayed with us five years ago, for Christmas."

Yeah, I surely remembered. His kid was annoying, just like my beloved brother.

"Yes, I do." I answered in a simply way.

"So… Harry was very close to your father and, a week ago, he was involved in a car accident when he was coming home from work."

"He died, honey." Dad told me, rubbing his temples.

"Oh…" That was all that I could say.

I didn't really know that man, so, I couldn't feel sorry for him. I know it sounds cruel, but that's the way I am.

"And what happened to his kid?" I asked, kind of curious. "Was he in the accident too?"

"No, no. Blake is okay. But that was the point where we wanted to get. Listen to me, Annabel…"

And then, mom started telling me how that Blake kid had lost his mom when he was younger, and how he was sad about it… blah, blah, blah… I knew that already, but I let her go on. I knew how he dropped school when he was starting his senior year. I already knew how he got bad grades on almost every subject and I knew that he wasn't a lovely kid.

"And he need's our help right now, Annabel. He can't be alone. Blake doesn't have any uncles or grandparents, so, like his father wanted, we're going to be his foster parents for a while. He needs to finish school, and he needs a family. I heard that he is very upset about his dad. We want to help him." She finished, looking at me in a friendly way. They were really scaring me.

"What? Is he going to live here?"

"He has to, honey. He is alone now, he needs help. And since your father is his dad's closest friend, we have to do this."

"We're going to give him our spare room." Dad talked again, not looking straight at me. "They already sent all his things, and he must be here next week. So, he's going to school with you, and you have to help him with his schedule and all. Can you do this for us?"

"You two can be great friends, Annabel."

Well, I didn't have a choice. And since he was coming anyway, I couldn't say no.


"Thank you, honey." Mom smiled to me. "We knew you would be ok with it."

I never said that I was ok with it; I just said that I would show him around the school, and help him with his schedule. And that was it. I was pretty sure that he wouldn't need any help. He was a smart boy, he could survive alone.

"You can go now. It's late, you have school tomorrow."

How nice of him… now, I wouldn't sleep.

Lisa Matthews was my best friend since we were in Junior High and we did everything together since then. She was kind of pretty with her blond hair and green eyes, and, thanks to that, some good looking guys had already asked her out. To my surprise, she refused them all. And you know why she'd do such a foolish thing? Because she's in love with Henry Mason, the school's bad boy, and also, the hottest guy around here.

We lived in a small city, so, everybody knew who he was. Henry was very cute, but he meant trouble. His parents were rich – that's why he was so spoiled – but he didn't had a good reason to be a problem child at all. He had everything he wanted, and even more, but was always getting in trouble around the school: skipping classes and beat up geeks were the things he liked the most. Besides the fact that he didn't like when somebody stared at him.

And even we all knew that Henry didn't have a talent for school, his grades were always good. How odd.

The fact was, Henry Mason would never date my friend Lisa, because he only dated popular girls. And if we hasn't something, it was popularity.

"Is he going to study here in Hamilton High?" Lisa asked after I told her all about the conversation last night, while we were walking to the lockers.


"You didn't seem very happy about it."

"Would you be? Change places with me, please."

"Is he cute?"

"I don't remember him quite well, but he was annoying. But that was five years ago, I really don't know how he is now. Since his dad died, I think that he's upset."

"It's so thrilling… having a mysterious boy living in your house…"

"Oh, c'mon, Lisa, it's no big deal. I just don't want him to bother me… I have enough with Andy."

"So, is he a junior too?"

"No, he dropped school at the beginning of his first senior year. But I do think he's going to have some classes with us."

"He can't be cuter that Henry…" She said in a dreamy voice.

"Forget about Henry, Lisa… he's not worth it and he's dating Emily Parker."

"She's a bitch."

"I know. And he's a jerk. So stay away from the two of them before you get in trouble."

She sighed heavily and I grabbed my English book. The Math test was going to be before lunch time, so, I still had some life time.

Emily Parker was dating Henry at the current time, and it wasn't surprising since she just dated hot and popular guys. But you had to be lucky to see the couple together. He was always hanging out with his friends and she was almost all the time rubbing in our faces that she actually was with the guy. God, they just stayed together at the end of the classes and, sometimes, at lunch.

"It's not like I stand a chance with him, Annabel… you don't have to worry about it." Lisa said to me before closing her locker.

"Yeah, I knew that."

When we was about to go, we heard that familiar voice of Clarence Stephens asking for us to wait for her.

Clarence was another friend of mine that used to hang out with us. She wasn't pretty as Lisa, but she wasn't ugly too. Like me, she was red haired, but she had green eyes, and I didn't. Clarence didn't get many dates 'cause she refused to dress a little better. You would always see her wearing an old pair of snickers, jeans and a T-shirt. Very simple.

Well, I wasn't that much into clothes too, but I did like to make a good impression. But no, no good-looking boys asking me out lately. And I don't think I would like to have any kind of relationships at the moment. Guys just were in Earth to annoy the girls. And, at least at the moment, no one seemed appealing for me.

"God, I almost missed you…" Clarence got to us a little later. "So, everybody prepared for Math's test.

"Don't even talk about it, girl, I don't want to die before the time I was supposed to." I snapped, starting to get nervous again.

"Oh, c'mon, it won't be so difficult." She tried again.

"You say that because you and the numbers talk the same language. And they don't seem to get what I say to them and vice versa."

"Same here." Lisa pointed to herself, agreeing with me.

"If I could help…" Clarence tried.

"Nah, forget about it." I shook my head. "If Mr. Johnson catches us cheating, it would just be worse."

"And god knows what could happen." Lisa added.

The three of us walked to the English class and the conversation was over.

"Good god, I think I'll get a F." I closed my eyes, when we were sitting one of the tables at the cafeteria.

"If it makes you feel better, I will too." Lisa looked down, worried.

"I went just great." Clarence said in a normal voice, biting an apple.

"Oh, that's really surprising." I said sarcastically. "I wonder what dad's going to do with me when he discover about it."

"He'll get you a tutor." Lisa wondered.

"No way that I'll study with some geek at my house!"

"Well, I could help you girls with Math…" Clarence suggested, finishing her apple and looking at us.

"Did you hear what I said about ten seconds ago?"

"I'm not a geek, and I'm your friend. I'm just trying to help and I wouldn't charge you for that."

"Now I'm seeing it at a different light." I looked at her with a half smile.

"Yeah, it's interesting. Go on." Lisa asked her, also smiling.

But Clarence couldn't go on because all of sudden, we heard some yelling and everybody rushed to the patio, trying to see what was happening outside.

"What the hell is that?" Lisa turned around to see what was going on.

"C'mon, we have to go there and see it."

We all headed to the patio like the other students, and I wasn't surprised when I saw Henry Mason and his friends beating up Greg Hudson.

Greg was on the floor with his nose bleeding and some bruises. Henry hated geeks, principally Greg Hudson. Every now and then you would see them fighting. Or should I say: Henry fighting?

"You never look to my girl anymore, got it, you freak?!" Henry pointed a finger to him.

"O-ok, man, I'm s-sorry…"

Henry looked to the crowd that was surrounding them and asked in a hostile voice tone before leaving:

"What are you looking at?!"

Everybody flinched.

When the crowd dispersed, and even Greg got up and leaved, I raised my eyebrows and sighed.

"He's such an asshole."

"I know. But he continues being cute. What do you think, Clarence?"

"I don't like him, that's all. Someone should teach him a lesson."

That was a good idea, but Henry was on the top of Hamilton High bad guys' list. No one could beat him, that was the rule. Henry Mason was the king, but we all know quite well that everything had a limit.

When I arrived home that same day, I found Andy playing with his new Xbox, seeming very happy. He'd got the damn video-game from our Uncle Ted last Christmas and was still enjoying the present like he'd got it today. Of course that I had to do something to piss the boy off and I sure did.

Walking in the kitchen's direction, I thought it would be better if I walked right in front of the TV.

"Hey, get out of the way!" He yelled. His blue eyes were staring at me and I could feel the angry in his voice.

"Be polite, bro."

He pressed the pause button got up.

"I'll tell mom what you're doing!"

"I'm not doing anything, so shut up."

Andy pushed me aside and then returned to the stupid game. I made a face at him and entered the kitchen smiling a little bit.

"You'd better leave your brother alone." Mom told me with a glance.

"I'm just having some fun."

"Sometimes you don't look like a sixteen year old girl."

"Yeah, I know. So, Andy knows about our guest?" I asked while sitting in a chair near the table.

"We told him today, he thinks it'll be fun. I think it'll be good for him to have Blake around. He always wished he had a brother, so…"

"Is he going to stay with us for a long time?"

"We don't know, Annabel. I don't think he likes the idea of living with us, since he doesn't know us very well, but he might stay until he finishes his senior year."

"It must be pretty hard to him." I muttered, looking down, but my mother heard it.

"Yes, you're right. So be nice to him, and don't bother him."

"I won't bother him, mom, I don't even know the guy. But I do remember that he was annoying."

"He had some problems, but he's grown now. Your dad told me that he and his dad had some issues about how he dropped the school, and some other problems, but I think Blake is a nice boy. It's going to be a great experience for us to have him here, and I need you to be nice to him. Are you sure that you are ok with him living here for a while?"

"Yes, I think so. It's not going to be that bad." I sighed and looked at her. "Maybe we can actually be friends."

"I like to hear that from you." My mom smiled, and her dimples showed. "Your dad will be very happy."

I heard that Blake's father, Harry, was my dad's old friend from high school, and they talked until now. They cared a lot about each other, but couldn't visit frequently because he lived in New York.

"Do you need any help, mom?"

"No, I'm already done with dinner. Why don't you go take a shower?"


I got up and walked off the kitchen, still thinking about the whole thing about Blake. I didn't know what he was like physically right now, and I didn't know how he would behave around us either. So, it was a mystery. I'd have to wait until next week to see what would happen. And now I was really excited about it.

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