Chapter 1

''Why are we here?" a man said while walking through the dark forest the sound of steel tapping against his leg as he walked.

'We're here to find the blood bangle of Shahla, I already told you that" responded the other man with a slight chuckle.

The sounds of leaves crunching, twigs snapping under their feet, the sounds of birds chirping in trees ''Sky where do we go?" asked Sky partner "You better not have gotten us lost again! Cause if you did I swear.." the figure said.

''Hey calm down man! I know where were going trust me Jeff have I ever let you down?" Sky said stopping looking over to Jeff.

''Well yeah you have, remember in that tomb, I mean thanks to you we almo..".

''OK, OK" Sky interrupted ,"so I have let you down but trust me I know where were going this time...I think.. Uh heh ,don't jump to any conclusions yet man we just need to find the check point and I'll know were we are" Sky said while rubbing the back of his neck looking over to Jeff , seeing him shake his head in disaproovment.

As they walked deeper into the forest an arrow shot into the ground in front of them .Quickly pulling his sword from its sheath ,pushing Sky aside, Jeff spun around looking for where the arrow came from.

''JEFF LOOK OUT!" Sky shouted quickly chanting a spell under his breath.

Causing an arrow that was about to impale his partners throat to fall to the ground. Once noticing it, Jeff nodded in thanks and sprinted to where the arrow came from. Jeff saw the attacker retreat through the trees.

''Who the hell was that!?" Sky muttered walking up behind Jeff.

''I have no idea, but we better hurry and find that check point or else he or she might be back" Jeff sighed sheathing his blade and turned to Sky nodding to him and continued on the journey. ''Man I'm only a mage, I'm not a assassin like you can we take a break my feet are killing me" Sky said leaning against a tree.

''Okay but we can't rest for long, I don't want that person to find us. I'm not in a mood to fight anybody or anything at the moment" Jeff said while sitting on the ground crossing his legs resting his hands on top of his knees,

''I know I don't want that scumbag to find us either, but my feet are just killing me. We have been traveling for days. I mean we could of at least stopped at a inn or something along the way, but no we had to keep traveling" Sky complained while rubbing his feet.

''With what money!? you spent our last dollar at that damn tavern" Jeff scowled looking at Sky.

After several minuets passed, a blanket of velvet sky covered them the bright stars shimmering above them with the moons rays shining through gaps between trees.

''Hey Sky get up its nightfall" Jeff stood up grabbing his blade.

''How long have we been here?" ,Sky yawned while rubbing his eyes

''I believe we been here for about an hour or two, Jeff explained looking at the sky." I tried to wake you, but you didn't seem to want to wake up. So I decided to make camp here for a while to let you get your rest".

''Ah well thanks man I feel refreshed" Sky said rising to his feet grabbing both of his kodachi blades sheathing them behind his back.

As they traveled further into the forest Sky ran ahead

''HERE IT IS, WE MADE IT" Sky shouted back to Jeff.

''What the hell are you talking about what's here!?" Jeff shouted running to catch up.

''The halfway point I know were we are the town of Medina is nearby that's where the bangle is located" Sky smiled happily.

'That's where I come in. Break in and swipe it. A quick in and out and we'll retreat to that abandoned church right?" Jeff grinned lifting his hood his face now turning into a shadow.

''Yeah, then we can get out of this world and onto the next" Sky said patting Jeff's shoulder, ''I've been trapped in this world for far to long I cant wait to get out of here".

Once they entered the town of Medina Sky lead Jeff to a castle.

''Ok you go to a tavern or something I'll be back in a short time with the bangle" Jeff said.

He climbed the brick wall landing in the courtyard and began to infiltrate inside the castle sneaking past guards .

'Ok according to this map that bangle should be in the room across from me. But the only question is how do I get in it?" Jeff said to himself looking at the guards then beside him.

He noticed a glass vase, ''ah the cleverness of me" Jeff chuckled and picked it up throwing it down the hall from him causing a loud shatter alerting the guards.

Quickly jumping in the shadows seeing them run past him, Jeff came out from the shadows and ran into the room. Seeing a treasure chest and kneeled down to it pulling out his lock picks. Jeff began to pick the locks until hearing the sound of the lock releasing .

''Ha there's no lock that I cannot pick" he grinned to himself opening the treasure seeing the bangle laying upon a velvet scarf.

After stashing the bangle and retreating back out to the courtyard a voice suddenly shouted ''STOP THEIF!!" Several guards came running out after him.

''Sorry but not today boys" Jeff smirked jumping up the wall and over the other side.

''OW!.. hey watch it buddy!" a girl groaned holding her head.

''I'm sorry" Jeff helped her up quickly and began to run towards a tavern.

Once reaching it Jeff looked in the window seeing Sky and banged on the window signaling him to get out.

''What! is something wrong?" Sky said looking at Jeff confused.

''I got it! I got the bangle lets get out of here the guards will be here...shit there they are coming. Lets go we got to hurry!" Jeff said running ahead to the exit of the town.

As the two fled from the town they heard thunderous sounds behind them of horses chasing them, ''HURRY AFTER THEM" one of the guards on horseback shouted while chasing them.

'In here!" Jeff said grabbing Sky pulling him into a bush.

As they layed quietly hearing the drumming of hooves pass by, Jeff and Sky began laughing to themselves as they rose to their feet. Jeff nodded to Sky pulling out the blood bangle, revealing it to him.

''So that's the bangle eh?" Sky said looking at it tilting his head to the side.

''Now we can finally leave this world. We got all the other pieces of this bangle once we find the church we can put the pieces together and once that is done we'll be in a new world better then this!" Sky smiled clapping his hands together

' That it will my friend hopefully we'll have a better life there.." Jeff said looking up at the moon, ''Come we better find that church before the guards find us.." he said lowering his hood walking off into the night.