Wow, haha. It's been a while. But I guess I'll finalli get this whole FAQ & note thing sorted. Mmm. &, uhm, sorri guys but no epilogue. Giggle. Maybe in a rewrite, but not now.


Questions first or notes…

I think I'll go for questions. & if after this anyone still has any questions, feel free to email me on them & I'll reply as soon as possible.

First of all, the bigbig question that everyone's asking. Will there be a sequel?

At the moment, there aren't any plans for a sequel (sorry). But I do actually really badli want to write one in the future. Only, I don't have any solidsolid ideas for one –not enough to make a decent fic, anyway. So I don't want to write something that'll kill the first one. I'm only going to write a sequel when I get a good idea for one that'll equal the first. So maybe (hopefully) one day there will be one. I need to take a break from this right now, anyway. & I seriously need to rewrite a ton of it. eep. Because the first few chaps are terrible and a lot of it is just…eek. I'm too busy with all of my other stuff right now to even consider it at the moment, 'cause I've got about two collabs (with another author on the site) a collab with a friend, & two other fics, as well as rewriting cath & a ton of other stuff. It's GCSE year for me, too (for all you people who know about the brit school system) so school's double hectic. I'm just…reallirealli busy. Eep. Which is why I'm updating so slowly on everything else.

Who are Arden & Kayden? Uhm. To get that, you'd have to just reread the Layrenna stori and join together all the lil dots. 'cause I'm so nice, I'll quickly sum that up, tho the ending's not as affective if you don't get it. Well, like, remember how Layrenna was married to Umberto? Well, she had an affair with Kayden (a travelling musician). When she met Kayden, she already had a little boy from Umberto who was called Arden. In one of the chapters there's a flash of Arden being in the stained glass window room while Kayden&Layrenna are together and he's all, "I don't want my mommy to go to hell." Or something like that. And he carves it into the wall, which is where Siobhan finds it that one time that she's all hallucinating about Inkara & Keira (which is directly before she runs to Jason, before he tells her that he knows where Lani is). So then when Layrenna is running away from Umberto, she obviously takes her little boy (Arden) with her. What she doesn't clue into, of course, is that lil Arden is a tad psychotic. So he catches her off guard and stabs her to death at the base of the red mountain and he plans to tell Umberto when he arrives that it was Kayden. There's a whole long winded reasoning for why he does this but I can't bother to go into it, 'cause you guys could probabli draw your own conclusions.

You know how Jason had a HUGE gash on his arm way back in the story? If it didn't come from Inkara, then where did it come from? The teachers or something? Omg, lol! I don't exactly remember who asked that but thanks a ton for asking it whoever it was. That's definitely something I forgot to answer. Uhm. Earlier on in one of the earli earli chapters, I think it was in an italics scene directly before Jason came into her room with the gash, there's a scene with Keira & the "figure". Eee. I just looked back at it and it tells you virtually nothing. Meh. It's something I definitely need to sort out in the rewrite. Anyway. Basically, Jason had the gash because Keira somehow got free and attacked him, managing to slice his arm. He got her back down (obviously) then he went back through the tunnel thingie but somehow the teachers got alerted to his presence and they were all chasing and searching for him. If they had found him, then he would have obviously gotten caught & then his whole plan would've been ruined. So he went to Siobhan's room, which was the first room outside one of the passages (the one she fell through that one time). & the rest is all there. Also, as a side thingie in case I forgot to mention it, Siobhan's room was, coincidentally, Layrenna's room, which is why the tunnel leads directly outside of it.

when you got the idea, do you feel you had started something incredible or are you like "okay, this will be good blahblahblah..."? Um. Well, for cath, definitely not. I think I've said before somewhere that cath was definitely not properly planned out. It stemmed from a ficathon challenge & it was originally meant to be a short stori of about ten chapters. Most of the characters in it didn't exist either, which is why the characterisation is a bit fragile –characters drop in and drop out, and some of them don't seem to serve a purpose. Tom didn't exist, for one. Neither did Steph, Cody or Dev. None of the relationships existed either. I came up with them as I went along. The only thing that existed was the whole Alice/Tony/Lani thing. I hatehated cath at the start, kind of like I hate Her Ashes right now (but I doubt that one's going to get anywhere) so I didn't really bother with it, which is why the beginning isn't veri stable. Probably the only reason I got this far with it is because of all the encouragement you guys gave me. Hehe. & a lot of my ideas came from what people said in reviews. Which shows that your input really does help! So in answer to that in relevance to cath, no, I didn't have a clue that it would turn out this big. As for Predator, which I'm posting at the moment, I'm hoping to make it as big as Cath & I'm actually pretty proud of that one. It's a lot more planned than Cath was and the beginning and general idea is more definite. So if anyone decides they still want to read my stuff, I'd definitely suggest Predator over anything else.

Jason's still alive? and was he talking to his sister (darling) about the bird that siobhan released? Yep. Jason's definitely alive. Ugh, as if I could kill him so easily. If Jason died, he wouldn't go down as easily as he did in that mountain. As for who he was talking to, it was more his thought process than anything else. Like, in the chapter where he kills the rabbit, his thoughts follow a similar pattern with the whole "darling" thing. So I wouldn't say he was talking to his sister. But, as I said at the end of the last chapter, if you want to interpret it that way then you're free too! No where does it suggest that that theori is wrong.

If he's not, is he gonna go back and seek revenge? Well, if (when) I do finally write a sequel (not any time soon, people.) Maybe… As for now, I leave it all to your imagination.

And also, what happens between Tom and Siobhan? Same answer as the one above.

What's going to happen to Jason? Again, same answer.

Do you imagine more to the story or do you just think, "okay, its over...let the readers think what they think"? lol. Yep. I definitely imagine a ton more to the stori after writing it & the chars in this still mill about faintly in my mind sometimes. I try not to think about it too much, though, 'cause I need to focus on Predator & Her Ashes. & nothing's really open ended for me, 'cause I know exactly how they'd all end up if there wazzz a sequel. Well, how most of them would end up anyway. –pout- I wish I did have an idea for a sequel right now, because I'd love to write one & I've got the perfect setting for it. But meh. One day soon, maybe…

What was Lani's wish? No one asked this, but I didn't have a chance to go into it whilst writing, so it's definitely something that'll come out in a rewrite. Basically, Lani wanted the whole Tony/Steph/Tom thing to come to light –like, she didn't want it to be secretive anymore & she wanted it to get sorted out 'cause it was pissing her off. Jason made that one come true through the way that he purposely led Tom to the room that one time (before the fight between Tony&Tom) so that he'd catch them. The rest he left up to fate.

What was up with the whole Jason Rayne/ Jason Croyde thing?

Again, no one asked this one but it's something I forgot to clear up. Another one for the rewrite eep. Anywayz. Uhm, Jason's real name was meant to be something like Jason Rayne Dallivante Croyde. Or something freaky like that. So Rayne was actually one of his middle names only, as you might remember, he had quite a lot of control over his father –the headmaster – and he also hated him a ton, as well as liking him and…ugh. Complicated relationship. Anyway. Off topic. Well, one of the bargains he struck with his dad was that he would use (and all the teachers would use) the name "Rayne" 'cause he didn't want to be associated with his father. Or something like that. God, I explained that one badly…


Mk. So that's it with the questions. & again, if anyone has any more feel free to email me & I'll get back to you ASAP. Also, if anyone wants me to read their stuff feel free to ask! I used to read all my reviewers' work but then I got too busy. But if you specifically ask me to read something I'll get round to it as soon as possible.

-shamelessly advertises- If you liked cath, then why not read Predator… -winkwink-

& now for the notes…

Ashley: awww, thankyou! Your review, though short, gave me the fuzzies. Hehe.

Crewger: thanks!

Winged Shadow: haha yeah. It's the happiest one to go with.

Creative Destruction: your questions are answered in the FAQ!

xoxluurve: yay! It's great to know it had that affect on you. –ego boost-

Lucia's puppet: yeah, siobhan was pretty annoying. But I guess that's just the way she is. –sigh- I didn't like her much either. Giggle. It's great to know that you loved it & thanks for reviewing!

Uggabugga: weee. Finished is good. mm. a lot of people didn't seem to like Jason&siobhan, but it's understandable. Hehe. They weren't really that nice as people… Yeah, lani was probabli the onli nice girl in the whole fic. As for tom, well, haha…that one's open to interpretation.

Bfoundwanting: heya! Haven't heard from you in a while. Eee. Haha. Cathartic stori? Lol. Ur awesome. As for all ur questions, hehe, if there ever is a sequel…&, personally, I think Jason did actually like her. of course, it's up to the readers to decide…

Lalalala: thanks for all the questions! I'm glad you pointed out the gash thing. I almost forgot about that. As for siobhan's past, it's definitely something I need to sort out. I'm glad you enjoyed the stori and thanks for reviewing!

BR: weeee. Amazing's good. uhm, the whole thing about arden's explained in the FAQ. &, as for the carving, it represented Jason&siobhan. Hehe. Thanks for the review!

A reviewer: um, I answered your question above. & thanks for the review! It's cool to know that me & kelli share the same style.

Headopposite: I'm not sure either. Heh. But the point is that you reviewed now! Yeah, I think their chemistry was genuine too. Hehe. & I'm glad you picked up on the significance of the carving. Whole of fp? Whoa. Haha. That makes me feel so good…thankyouuuu!

Camisado: yepperz, jason's still alive. & I think ur other question was answered in the faq. Praise? Thankyou!

Spicy frog: lol. A lot of people didn't like tom. But then a lot of people did. I'm sad it's over, too. –frown- tho rewriting is being a pain in the arse. Nah, I'm glad you still like Jason. It kinda depressed me when people went off him. But now everyone loves him again! Weee. Ur questions are answered above!

Aiur: weeee. Short but sweet. Ur reviews are luv. –squiggles-

…awww. Well, even tho he's alive, he doesn't get with siobhan in the end. so, since there's no sequel at the moment, you kould always pretend that he dies of pneumonia and she falls in love with tom, then they get married and hav loads of babies and liv happily ever after. Hehe. Thanks for the review and I'm glad you liked it! Oh and, btw, you're not the onli person who likes tom anymore! Tons of people hav said they prefer tom over Jason. Haha.

suicide-girl: thanks!

Toxicnoodle725: um. Your question's answered in the FAQ. As for the sequel thing, hehe, we shall see…

Serabi: haha! Nice theori. As for tom being a psycho too…-looks ominous- awww. Jason's a meanie. He made loads of people feel bad. –smaks him- but I'd like to think that he was genuine a lot of the time. Thanks for checking out her ashes! (though I hate it) predator's way better…meh.

Evinus: weeee. It's good to know you liked the ending! I was so nervous about it.

MyCrimsonTears: lol, I wouldn't have put it past her. but I think she was too knackered to do something like that. I did email you back, right? & I think your questions are answered in the FAQ anyways.

RedBerries: haha. Thanks!

Alice: all of ur questions are answered in the FAQ!

Vampgurl99: wow. Your reviews are just so awesome! But, eeeep. Haha. You've started reading her ashes. Eee. I warn you, there's a lotlot to critique with that (it's written terribly) I recommend predator instead. Hehe. Yeah, that's true –for once siobhan actually stopped and thought about everything. Haha. The kayden/arden thing is explained in the FAQ. As for the sequel, lol, I probably will write one! I was planning on writing one for hunter but it's just about finding the time really. & I didn't really have many people reading that, so I didn't reckon it was worth it (not right now, anyway). I still need to reply to your email on that. Eeeep. –feels dumb- ive been soooooo busy recently. & my updating's been at a snail pace. Mm. it's not really 'cause of my age that I don't go to concerts –most of my friends go to tons- my mom's just all iffy on that kinda stuff. Ugh. Haha! If I did go, I'd go on the train or something with my mates. –giggle- favourite band in general? Lol. You know, I have absolutely no idea. I hav different moods for different things really. Like, at the moment I'm obsessed with breaking Benjamin, & my other friend's been sending me loadsa stuff by Cradle of Filth, & I'm liking nemphetamine or whatever it's called. Uhm, as for siobhan, I didn't really hav a clue what it was! It kinda shocked me when I had so mani people say they'd never heard of the name before. Like, I know two girls called siobhan & I've always loved their names so I thought, why not? I didn't really think about it before I named her. –hugs and squiggles- do you hav msn? If so, give me ur addie & we kan chat like that!

Bleeding Air: the normalness of ur review freaked me out. Hav I properly reviewed the last chap of tnb? Im not sure… -ponders- I eat you.

Em Wolf: the next Stephen King? Lol! You don't know how much that comment made me squeal. I wiiiish. Haha. Thanks for ur absolutely awesome review, babe. Made my day!

Sailor Loon: awwww. They would have been. But then, there might be a sequel…hehe. Tho not any time soon. Yeah, I'd like to think that, if it weren't for all the horrible stuff that happened, Jason & siobhan might hav had a chance. Like, in essence, if you think about it, if his mom had just told the truth, he wouldn't have had to tri and find his "catharsis." Mmm. & they could've been together. –sigh- haha. No worries there! Tons of people didn't like him. It's a whole 60/40 thing between Jason and tom.

Lilylupin7: awww, thankooooo!

Kotex fits period: ur review didn't suck! Yep, there is still tons that kan be said but for the moment, that's all there is. Hehe.

Pumpkin Pie eyes: haha. Awww. Sorri, no epilogue. Sorri! It's just…there's nothing really left to say…heh.

Gin: babe, you are love incarnate. Haha. I am so going to spend ages replying to this review…it was the biggest review I've ever gotten in my life! I sweaaar. Haha. I love you soso much for it. I'm even gonna switch off my music now to reply to it. feel special. Ew, vanilla ice cream? I had chocolate ice cream yesterday –is posh- unlike you plain people out there. In the wilderness. Where you are (barbarian). Haha. Most people say that, and I totalli agree. The beginning of cath was shiat, for lack of better words. & it's so hard to figure out how to unshiatifi it! (I'm trying to rewrite). Omg, reading your review again is making me SO HAPPI. I think I might just print it out…& hang it on my wall…and FRAME it. –geek- waha. The laughing bit's true. I like laughing at people –sadist- and the best bit is, I could totalli rip certain chars apart and not giv a shiat but my reviewers would be like NOOOOO. Wahahaha. Omg. Almost drowning. Ur review literalli knocked the wind out of me. It makes me so happpiiii. Rereading it now im like wow… -preenz- siobhan's hair is my hair. –pompous- so you love my hair. Waha. –head inflates- yeah, that's how I got hold of his jokes. I was really bored this one time, so I researched into sex jokes 'cause I got the idea off reading Hello Kitty (fic on fp) & then I found all this funni stuff and I was just like… I HAV to use this. Meh. I seriousliseriousli need to rework tony. It'll be hard, but it's definitely something I need to do. His reworking will be dedicated to you, hunbunz. Teehee. A lot of the chars faded in part 2, wich is a definite fault on my part –I think it was just through my rush to get it all out there, you know. & I didn't want to drag anything. But there was a lot more that chars such as tony could have said.

Lol, well, you've read what tom did wen he caught her at it….so we wont go into thattt. Mm. I think that too. Like, a relationship between tom& siobhan…I couldn't really envision it, you know? Personally, I don't reckon they really match. Like, he's a nice enough guy but I don't think that's what siobhan needs, or what she's matched too anyway. & then tom's personality is a lot more obscure than that (quite open to interpretation) so iono. Wedding night? You hoe bag. He'll probabli rip out yo' eyes with a knife –threatens- as for the whole rain thing. Well, you know all about that nowwww. Weehee. Shalaba shoo shoo? I kall that animal abuse. –bitchslaps- you are an abuser. O.O. art attak? You losa' I used to watch that when I was a kid, actually. Hehe. Omg, talking of tv, I just missed smallville! Angst. I do that everi week. Ive onli ever watched like… 6 episodes. 'cause I always forget…o.O. thanks again for the awesomeness of ur reviews, sabby eerie ahhh! Im megamega grateful. –love-

I've got this horrible feeling that I've missed someone out. So, if I hav, tell me! & ill email you or something. Hehe. & if anyone still has any questions that i haven't answered, email me! I'll tri & repli ASAP.

And…well…I guess this is it. woah. Thanks to everyone who reviewed, and everyone who stuck to this til the end! –has deep moment- Hope to hear from you all again (hinthint) and, hopefully, one day, there willl be a sequel.

-peaces out-