mentions sexual abuse, dont read if that disturbs you

Behind The Eyelids

curled in the corner
staring into the darkness
behind her eyelids
she hides.

the memories flash
the pain becomes real again.
His hand, drifting
Her eyes, wide, scared.

it's wrong, she knows
but she's only 5
too scared to tell
too scared to run away.

she takes it
unaware of the future
the problems she'll have
the oceans she'll have to swim
the dreams she'll have to fight

unaware of everything
but the moment

the memory fades
and she's alone again

back in the corner
staring into the darkness again
as the pain and frustration linger
the tears force open her eyelids
and no longer is she in darkness
but still, she remembers
the memory

and she remembers
how each day
at that house
he did it again.

each day, every day
its not only one memory
its 728 memories
each day of the two years
she lived there.

crying in the corner
no longer in darkness
no more hiding
behind her eyelids
but how does she face it?

two years of abuse
she lives on
many years of shame
she's still there
but the slightest touch
sets her off
she cant stand anyone touching her
for more then a few seconds.

and when someone does, she cries oceans inside
it floods through her body
until the touch is gone.