I, the New Soul

Main Entry: re·in·car·na·tion

Pronunciation: "re-(")in-(")kär-'nA-sh&n

Function: noun

1 a the action of reincarnating the state of being reincarnated b rebirth in new bodies or forms of life; especially a rebirth of a soul in a new human body
2 a fresh embodiment

If I am merely the reincarnated form of someone in the past, someone who has already experienced the joys of life, and the problems that seem to arise more frequently, with a greater intensity, then, who am I?

Am I someone from early human existence? Or, maybe, I am an ameba, a form that was once so pure that it would do no wrong, and was rewarded by a jump up the evolutionary chain. Perhaps I was a monkey in the Paris Zoo, that survived only because Darwin said I was like kin to the savage humans, made so by war and invaders.

Perhaps I am none of these. Perhaps I am some "new" soul, a soul that is, quite frankly, a new human. I was never anywhere in history, I am creating my own. I am the first to inhabit this soul, the first to laugh, cry, and, eventually, die, with it, the first to experience overwhelming happiness, and crushing defeat.

Maybe reincarnation is a hoax, it's not a possibility. How is there the influx of new people? Doubters ask, so few know an answer, any answer, and any semblance of the truth.

But there is a need to believe, a desire to be something exotic… someone exotic… people want to be unique, and there souls are uniquely theirs, and uniquely passed from one human form to another, never crossing, mixing or matching, with pieces of another's.