Under a blurry Picasso starlight sky

with one lone voice I am searching.

My soul's Love, where are You tonight?

I know You dwell above this endlessness

yet I long to feel your touch passing by.

Where will you place my feet, my Love?

Where am I to walk, move, breathe

all in the love and grace of my Precious One?

What I yearned would be song is only

calling out with ragged voice and worn words;

yet I will continue as long as time allows.

You are my very life, the one thing I seek.

Blind to your visions, numb to your caress,

why have I refused to turn my head,

see your hand reaching for mine

as you invite me to dance this life

with you on a floor made of aurora light?

Despite this muddled limbo I stretch out my hand.

It is upturned,

and in this heartbeat I accept.