Silent autumn winds send leaves flying,

spiralling down to earth in gravity's plan.

Rich, deep, ever-ripening colors

spin a loom of their own,

and down come the memories

like sprinkles of late October rain.

At my feet lies a monochromatic prism

of red, orange, yellow and brown.

Red shiny crayons for a child's first day of school.

Red apples waiting to be transformed into pies.

Red shoes smelling of new leather, my favorite pair.

Red letters scrawled on a note for the one you love.

Orange pumpkins lining every step.

Orange sunset arriving earlier each day.

Oranges in a sack lunch, studying beneath a leafless tree.

Orange tipped bonfires before the big football game.

Yellow flowers still poking out from gardens before the freeze.

Yellow sunrise at early morning's now-later light.

Yellow highlighter outlining important points of study.

Yellow school bus filled with laughing, joyous children.

Brown sugar pouring over the pumpkin pie.

Brown bags filled with surprises for the holidays ahead.

Brown suede coats wrapped around me for cooler days.

Brown leaves crunching underfoot as I walk.

All year long I yearn to gaze upon the shades of autumn.