Summary: A group of students is attending a school for those with paranormal abilities: Fire Eye Academy. Things are going normally as they perfect their powers and learn to control their abilities. However, when certain students begin to disappear, this group begins to realize that there is more going on than meets the eye...

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Fire Eye Academy

The fate of the world is once again in the hands of teens…we are so screwed

Çħapтэя Øηэ

"Well, another wonderful year at Fire Eye." A sarcastic voice rose over the wind. Another one, just as sarcastic and filled with boredom answered.

"Wonderful isn't the word." It was the beginning of the school year, and two teens, wearing jeans and the long black coats that their school enforced, were heading through the woods to their school, Fire Eye Academy. Both looked equally bored and uneager to get to school for the next three months before Christmas break. But they needed to go to this school. No other place had been able to accept them because of certain… issues. That was something that best went hidden from most people. Suddenly, one of them stopped.

"Hey, isn't that someone from our school?" The other turned and looked. Sure enough, someone with silver-blonde hair was sitting against a tree, their bag sitting beside them. Neither could tell what the person looked like; they were too far away. One of them closed their eyes, and frowned. "Hmm… how interesting."

"What is it?"

"Nothing, nothing. Shall we go say hello?"

"Why not? Maybe we'll be late this year." Both laughed, and started walking towards the figure that was so far away.


She sat by herself. She was at yet another new school, this time it was one for people like her. Right. Nobody was like her. Not that it mattered. She was being forced to go to this school, but she was going to try her hardest to get kicked out. One thing was for sure, she was not going to stay. She was about to stand up and leave, but another shot of pain flew up her leg. No, she wasn't going anywhere. She sighed and sat back down, glad that her long jacket covered her leg. Nothing could hide the bruise on her face, though, so she would just have to stick to the 'I ran into a door and then managed to fall down the stairs' story. Someone's voice caught her attention, and when she turned, she saw two other people wearing the same long jacket she was heading her way. One was a boy with pitch black hair, dark eyes, and a small crescent moon on his forehead. The bag he was carrying was quite large, and he had a tall staff in his hand. The other was a girl with dark brown hair, green eyes, and a small scar running over one eye. Her bag, on the other hand, was much smaller, and she had a sword strapped to her waist. Both reached her at the same time. "Hey," the boy said to her, "you're new at Fire Eye Academy, aren't you?" She nodded. "Yeah."

"Well, figured we might as well come ever and say hi."

"Well, you just did."

"Why are you so mad? What did I do?"

"You were born." She turned away, hoping that they would leave, but instead, he sat down beside her, his companion climbing the tree that they were leaning on.

"Look, I'm sorry if I've done anything to upset you, even though I wouldn't know even if I had," the boy said. She raised an eyebrow.

"You're not serious."

He laughed sheepishly. "'Fraid so." His companion stuck her head down from the tree.

"He's stupid that way." Before she could pull away, he had used his staff to knock her in the head.

"Don't insult me."

"Don't hit me."

"Oi…" He turned away and looked at the girl again. She was quite pretty, her hair was shoulder length, and her eyes were a deep violet.

"Relax. You're among friends here. We won't hurt you."

She scowled. "Somehow I highly doubt that." She sighed, however, and turned to him. "I'm sorry. Every so often, I just totally lose my temper at everybody, and that's pretty much today."

He smiled. "Well, don't worry about it. What's your name, anyway?"

"Kara. You?"


"And I'm Aviar." Kara stared at the other girl.

"Wha—" she began, but Aviar cut her off.

"Don't ask." The three were silent for a moment, and then Satoru spoke.

"Pardon my asking, but… what do you do?" Kara sighed, and then held her hand out palm up. Instantly, a small flame appeared in her hand.

"This is what I do, and it's gotten me kicked out of more than one school." Satoru let out a look of concern, but quickly regained his composure.

"That's cool," Aviar said with interest. "Not nearly as helpful as mine. All I do is control minds." She sighed. "And believe me; if you haven't got control, it really, really hurts."

Satoru closed his eyes calmly. "It doesn't hurt. It makes you literally lose your mind until you regain control."

Aviar growled and hit him. "Shut up."

Kara suppressed a giggle, then looked at Satoru. "And you?"

He shrugged. "I can see into the future. And…" He cupped her face in his hands, and leaned in slowly, gently resting his fingers on the bruise that covered her cheek. For a moment, she was scared, then felt a breathtaking heat fill her and relaxed completely, letting herself lean on him. After a moment, he released her. Her fingers immediately rose to her face, and she found that the pain that normally would have shot through her was gone.


He nodded and looked away. "Yes. That's what else I do. I heal people."

She smiled. "Thanks. You have no idea how much that hurt."

Satoru nodded. "It's alright. Don't mind it at all." Aviar laughed quietly and dropped from the tree.

"Hehe… well, we should probably leave. C'mon." She started running through the woods.

"Be right there," Kara shouted. She turned to Satoru. "I hate to ask you this, but would you mind healing something else for me?"

Satoru shook his head. "Of course not. What is it?"

Kara blushed. "My leg." He nodded. Kara slowly stretched her leg out, then he saw the stain of blood on her long skirt and the grimace of pain that spread across her face. A large wound was on her calf, recently reopened, and it was slowly oozing blood down to the ground.

"Kara…" he couldn't finish. "Hold still," he ordered as he lifted her skirt to her knees and placed his hand on the wound. She moaned quietly in pain. Satoru carefully placed an arm around her to comfort her, and started. Immediately, he felt her sigh with relief and lean on him. In a moment it was finished, but instead of sitting up, he leaned back a bit, and she sighed and leaned back as well.

"Thank you, Satoru," she said quietly. He nodded and sighed. After a few minutes, they both stood and started walking towards the building.


"There you two are. I've been waiting for a long time," Aviar complained.

"Sorry, but we ran into a problem," Satoru growled. "Can you two stop arguing?" Kara sighed.

Aviar shook her head. "Sorry about that. We're best friends, but we fight like a cat and dog."

Kara laughed. "Whatever. Now, I want to know something about this place. Why are people like us here?"

Satoru grinned. "There are a lot of reasons, actually. One of them is that, like you, they can't control their powers very well. Another is that they just have something wrong with them." He flinched as an explosion went off behind them. A boy ran up to them.

"Sorry about that, Satoru." Another two girls rushed up.

"Yeah, sorry. We'll try not to hit you, okay?"

Satoru nodded. "I hope not. By the way, you might want to run. Fumiko-sensei is heading this way." The three all shouted in surprise as a cascade of water fell on them and put out the fire they had started and froze them in place.

"You three are in huge trouble," a woman shouted as she let water fly out of her hands. The three shrieked as she dragged them away.

Kara laughed. "I see. Interesting. But you seem to have control. What are you here for?"

He sighed. "I'm here because I haven't perfected it yet. And to hide out from the world. It's kinda why we're all here, in a way."

Kara nodded. "Okay. I think I get it now."

Aviar smiled. "Good. Now, we're expected to be in the dining hall so we'll know where our rooms are, so let's get moving." Kara and Satoru both nodded, and they led Kara to one of the largest rooms in the building. A large group of students was huddled in one of the corners, talking quietly. Aviar grabbed Satoru's hand, he grabbed Kara's, and then Aviar pulled them all through the sea of people.

"Out of the way, out of the way, shove it, you moron." She sighed with relief as she reached the wall and stood in front of the short statue of a woman. "Okay, then. Aviar Rikara," she said clearly.

The statue sighed. "Finally, someone I'm friends with. Hello, Aviar. You're in house sixteen this year, and you're sharing it with ten others." Aviar grinned warmly. "Okay. Thanks. Satoru's here, too. Where's he?"

The statue smiled. "He's with you."

Satoru smiled. "Thanks," he said. Aviar turned and gave him a high five.

"Yes!" Both stepped away and pushed Kara forwards.

"Say your name." Kara made a strange face, and then turned to the statue.

"Um…Kara Lecio."

"Ah, you're one of the new ones, aren't you? You're also in sixteen. Are you and Aviar friends?"

Kara nodded. "I suppose you could say that."

Satoru touched her shoulder lightly. "Come on. We've gotta get the good spots before they're gone." He grasped her arm firmly, then pulled her back out of the group of people.


"Hey, it's Satoru!"

"Yo, Aviar, how are ya? I haven't seen you in so long."

"Hey, guys."

"What's up?"

"Yay, we're together this year!"

"Wah! Get off of me, Mai!"

"I haven't seen you all summer…"

"I don't care, you're scaring me!"

Kara stared blankly at the people in front of her. There were four other people in their house so far, and it was pretty much utter chaos. Everyone was crowded around Satoru and Aviar, and nobody had noticed her so far. Aviar spoke up suddenly. "Hey, hey, hey, hold up. New kid." The people surrounding Aviar and Satoru stood back and looked at Kara.


Kara blushed slightly.


Aviar smiled. "Everyone, this is Kara. Kara, this is Mai, Bree, Misha, and Nicholai." The four people crowded around her.

"Cool. I'm Misha. So why're you here," asked a tall boy with black hair and red eyes. "What can you do, or what's wrong with you?"

"I control fire. Sort of. I've burned down several buildings already and my mom sent me here." Misha grinned.


"What about you," Kara asked. He grinned sheepishly.

"I'm a vampire."

Kara raised an eyebrow. "Really."

He nodded and opened his mouth, revealing two sharp fangs. "Yep."

"Okay, I believe you. So what's wrong or whatever?"

"I'm allergic to most blood types." Kara giggled as he asked her a rather strange question. "What's your blood type?"

"A-positive." He raised his arms in the air. "Hallelujah, I am saved!"

Kara blinked.

"What?" He leaned close to her, wound an arm around her shoulders, and whispered in her ear huskily.

"Kara-chan… you wouldn't mind if I took a bite every so often, would you?" She edged away slightly.

"…iie…" He grinned, relieved, then wrapped both arms around her.

"Thank you." Satoru touched her shoulder gently.

"Don't let him take too much. Otherwise you'll be out for a week." Misha rolled his eyes.

"Don't worry. I won't hurt her."

Satoru sighed. "I hope not."

Two other girls were standing near him. "You're lucky. I wish I had something as simple as fire. I control… well… lightning," said one girl. She was shorter than Kara, with brown-blonde hair flowing down her back and brown-black eyes. Kara blew her hair out of her eyes.

"Yeah, right."

The girl growled. "It's not nearly as simple as you think at first." A large spark shot out of her eyes. Satoru squeezed a pressure point on her neck, and she immediately fell backwards.

"Calm down, Bree." She sighed as he caught her and nodded slightly.

"Okay." The other girl smiled. She was the same height as Kara, her hair was red-brown and shoulder length, and her eyes were a bright emerald green. What was impressive, though, was the fact that she had wings.

"Don't mind her. She has a short temper. I'm Mai." She smiled softly. "You seem like a nice enough person."

Kara laughed. "Not really. I try to be kind, but if you get me mad, you should run like the devil himself is after you."

Mai grinned. "Oh, goody. You wouldn't, by chance, be intent on world domination, would you?"

"Actually, I am."


Kara laughed. "So what's up with you?"

Mai sighed. "When I say the word 'fairy', what comes to mind?"

"Uh…a nice little creature that always helps people?"

"Feh. That's what everyone here said. I'll let you in on something."


"I'm a fairy." Mai rolled her eyes and leaned against the wall. Kara giggled.

"That's so cool." The last boy stood beside her. He was incredibly tall, at least six feet, his hair was a nice orange-red, his eyes were a brilliant shade of gold, and he had a thick black stripe running from the bottom of each of his eyes to his jaw line.

"Another short one. Figures," he said in a slight Russian accent. Kara looked up at him and giggled.

"I'm not short. You're tall."

He laughed. "I suppose so." He smiled warmly and draped his arms over her shoulders, grinning when she didn't pull away. "My name's Nicholai. I'm a shape shifter."

Kara grinned. "That's cool."

Nicholai sighed. "I only shift when I sneeze. That alone should say something." Kara started laughing hystErikally.

"That's… insane…" she managed. Nicholai chuckled softly and caught her as she fell over.

"Easy, now. Don't laugh too hard."

Kara nodded. "… O… kay…" Nicholai laughed quietly, then without warning, he sneezed. Kara felt a small weight on her shoulder, then giggled as she felt something crawl down her arm. "What the—" Aviar giggled and pulled a small lizard off of her.

"You know what he said about changing when he sneezes? Well…" Kara laughed and ran her finger over the lizard's skin.

"That's hilarious." Nicholai grinned as well as a four inch long lizard could grin, then sneezed again, immediately changing into a large bullfrog.

"Ugh… now that, I can't handle," Aviar complained. "Somebody take him."

Satoru laughed and cupped his hands, and Nicholai jumped in. "You can handle being dipped in mud, rolled down a hill covered in cockroaches, in your pajamas, might I add, but you can't handle your roommate turning into a frog?" He blinked. "Nobody tell me how stupid that sounded."

Everyone started laughing. Nicholai sneezed one more time, then fell down onto his backside with a loud THUD. Mai laughed quietly and he growled softly at her. Kara just grinned.


"So what do you guys want to do? No classes on our first day back," Mai said with a smile. Satoru sighed and collapsed on the couch beside her. "I don't know," he said sarcastically. "It's not as though we've got a TV, surround sound, a Gamecube, a PS2 that doubles as a DVD player, a computer with internet and email, or anything else like that," he muttered as he indicated everything that they had brought.

Mai sighed. "Geez. You've gotten weird over the summer."

"Who's gotten weird," Aviar asked as she entered the room and squashed on with them. Mai giggled.


Aviar laughed. "He's always been weird in his own special way."

"Yeah, key word 'special.'"

"Don't you diss him. Satoru's a good person… sorta."

"Hello! Not enjoying being talked about!"

"Can it, people talk about you almost every single day, so don't you dare start complaining."

"Not in front of me, they don't!"

Kara laughed as she walked in. "The three of you, stop."

Satoru nodded. "Yeah, sure." Kara smiled and sat on the floor. Mai rolled her eyes.

"You know, you could just sit on one of us. It's not that big of a deal." Kara shook her head.

"No. That's not a good idea." Satoru laughed and grabbed her wrist, pulling her onto his lap.

"Relax. We're stronger than we look." Kara giggled and cautiously leaned back. Aviar snorted quietly, exchanging a look with Mai. The other girl grinned, and both knew what the other was thinking. Nicholai suddenly walked in and sat down on Mai.

"Oof. You're heavy," she complained.

Nicholai laughed. "Of course. But you're a lightweight." Mai rolled her eyes and blew her bangs to the sides of her face.


Nicholai smiled and leaned back, partially squashing the girl underneath him.

"Does nobody respect their personal space anymore," Aviar sighed. Satoru smiled.

"Not really," he said. Mai smiled and wrapped her arms around Nicholai, squeezing his sides softly. Nicholai looked at her, and she jerked her nose in Kara and Satoru's direction. Nicholai smiled. Aviar grinned, then without realizing it, started controlling Satoru's actions. Her eyes glowed faintly, and Satoru's eyes glazed over. Suddenly, Kara felt his arms snake around her waist and squeeze her.

"Eh? What're you doing," she asked.

No reply.


"I want you."

"Holy crap what was that," she blurted, pulling away and Satoru suddenly regained his mind and stopped in the middle of it and blinked.

"Uh-oh. What did I do," he said quietly. Aviar sighed and gently touched his shoulder.

"I'm sorry. I was thinking and I controlled you." Satoru gasped and pulled back from Kara as if he had been shot.

"I apologize right now for what I may have done and what I probably will do on account of certain people…" he said as he shot a death glare at Aviar. "…and as of this moment I will not touch you in any way whatsoever."

Kara blinked. "You are a weird person."

"And so the conversation starts again," Mai muttered.

"Hello? I'm here!" A loud voice boomed from the doorway. "Anybody here? Hello?" Bree stood up and flung herself into the arms of the boy standing there. He was a little taller than she was, about five foot nine, and had white hair that reached his shoulders and was tied in a ponytail at the back of his neck. Red-brown eyes were watching her from underneath his bangs and he was wearing his jacket with jeans and a white t-shirt underneath.

"Sakaki!" He smiled and hugged her tightly. Bree grinned and wrapped her arms around his waist. "I missed you," she moaned.

"I missed you, too." She obviously didn't catch the sarcasm in his voice.

"Ahem… where… should I be staying?" Bree smiled happily.

"Come over with me. We've still got three beds left. So far we've got Aviar, Satoru, Mai, Nicholai, and Misha. Oh yeah, and a new girl." The boy smiled, intrigued. "Interesting. Where is she now?"

"Probably with Aviar, Nicholai, and Satoru. She's turned out to be quite the gamer."

"Great. I think I'll go see her." He pulled away from her, then pushed open another door. Inside, the lights were off; six people were crowded onto the two-person couch, sitting on each other's laps, all of them staring fixedly at the TV screen, Mai, and Misha cheering while Nicholai, Satoru, Aviar, and another girl fought it out on the Gamecube. The boy smiled when he saw his best friend, Satoru, and the girl with blonde-white hair sitting on the couch together, the girl leaning on his chest happily, and surprisingly, Satoru with his arm around her. Aviar was squashed beside him; Misha was sitting on the arm of the couch with Mai straddling his legs. Nicholai was lying down with his head in Aviar's lap and his back resting on the new girl's lap, with his legs hanging over the arm of the couch. In other words, they looked like they couldn't be happier. The boy smiled as Bree plopped down on Nicholai's stomach and relaxed, ignoring his complaints. The boy laughed and everyone's attention was drawn to him.

"Sakaki," Aviar exclaimed happily. He smiled and sat down on the back of the couch, draping his legs over one of her shoulders.

"Hi, Aviar. Good to see you again." Satoru grinned and paused the game, then turned and gave his friend a high-five.

"Hi, Sakaki." He turned to Kara and squeezed her shoulders affectionately. "Kara, this is Sakaki. Sakaki, this is Kara."

Kara smiled cheerfully. "Hi, Sakaki. Good to meet you."

Sakaki smiled. "Good to meet you, too." He turned to the game. "Who's winning?" Satoru smiled and turned back to the screen.

"We killed Kara first. Now Nicholai's going down." Kara sighed and placed her hand on Satoru's chest.

"Kick his sorry little butt," she said quietly. Satoru nodded and wrapped his arm back around Kara. Kara smiled with pleasure and pressed herself close to him. Satoru blushed slightly. Aviar bit her lip, hard, and Sakaki held in a laugh. Satoru and Kara looked at them with strange looks on their faces.

"What's with you two?"


Satoru sat alone in the closet. He always came here when he needed to think. It was dark, but roomy. Another three people could have fit in it without a problem. Right now, though, he needed to be alone. No, that wasn't right. He needed someone who could tell him what was going on in his head, a mindcaster.

With a sigh, he pillowed his head in his hands and stretched out. Life was getting way too confusing. He hadn't had any visions in a good month and aside from Kara, he hadn't had any practice healing. He smiled. Kara… was absolutely perfect in every way imaginable. He really, really liked her. She was friendly, kind of shy at first, but still fun. Not to mention the fact that she was one of the prettiest girls he had met. "Perfect," he whispered to himself. "I… guess… I…" He yawned. First days always got the better of him. He smiled softly, then let himself drift away.


"… Satoru… Satoru… wake up, darn it!" Kara growled loudly and swatted his head. He woke with a start and saw her face about five inches from his.

"Wha… Kara…"

She smiled warmly and sat down beside him.

"Wake up, you."

He moaned and rubbed his forehead. "Was I asleep?"

Kara nodded. "Yes. We've been looking all over for you." He felt his face grow warm, and was glad that the door was closed, blocking off the light. Kara felt around for him, then carefully let a small flame form in her hand, casting a light orange glow over both of them. With a curt nod, she closed her hand and placed it on his shoulder.

"So what are you doing in here?"

Satoru sighed. "Nothing, really. I always go in a closet when I need to think."

"About what?"

"Anything that's bugging me."


"… Just… someone I like."


He was quiet for a moment, then gently ran his hand down her back and wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her close to him. "You won't tell?"


"… I like Aviar. I don't know how to tell her."

Kara smiled. "That's a problem."

"… Out of curiosity… how would you want someone to tell you?"

"I dunno. I guess I'd want him to just tell me. It's a lot easier than being secretive about it."

"Hmm… thanks."

"It's not a problem." He smiled and then placed his other arm over her stomach. "Domo, Kara-chan."


"You speak Japanese?"

"Just a bit."

"That's cool."

Kara closed her eyes and leaned on him, calmly resting her head on his chest. "I like it in here," she said after a while. "It's nice and dark."

"Not to mention that it keeps sound out," Satoru replied. Within moments, both were asleep.

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