"Oh my god! You're pregnant!"

"That isn't you, is it?"



Laughter followed. It had been ten years since their graduation at Fire Eye Academy, and everyone was, to put it bluntly, pumped. No matter how old they were, they'd still be as mature as sugar-rushing eight-year-olds.

Letitia and Link, for one, had begun dating after their final day at school. Although it had been a bumpy relationship—literally—things had gone well for the pair. Ten years later, they were married. No kids yet, but living well and completely content with life.

Khimayri was still single, and was now a wealthy man living in Canada. (A/N: Regardless of what you may think, we do actually have money.) He'd done every job from being a computers class instructor to a coal miner—which was ironic, really—and had eventually settled for the greatest job of them all—testing video games. When he wasn't busy doing big, office-type things.

Kieran and Aaron were still living at Fire Eye—Kieran was now teaching Home Economics due to the fact that he was much better at cooking then anything else, and Aaron had taken over the position of Phys. Ed. instructor. Much RBL followed. (A/N: If you have issues with the word 'raunchy', then don't ask.)

Mai and Misha had yet to arrive, however, they had a trip from the underworld to take—which is saying a lot—and they were also bringing Damarcus—he'd be nearly eleven by now, wouldn't he?

Kara and Jinsai were happily married—Kara was pregnant, no less, and had a six-year-old child as well—and Jinsai looked like the proudest man alive.

Aviar and Sakaki were nowhere to be found, although Aaron kept on dropping hints that something major had happened to the pair. Kara couldn't help but wonder if maybe Aviar had had quintuplets.


"It's Sakaki!"

At this exclamation, everyone rushed forward. The elf let out a yelp of surprise as he was tackled into a hug by all of his friends before even a greeting could have left his mouth. Kara was a bit slower, as was Jinsai, but there was a child sitting on the half-demon's shoulders—his daughter, no doubt. And Kara—was she pregnant?

Grinning, he made his way over.

"Good to see you two," he greeted cheerily. Jinsai hugged him and he laughed. "I see you two have been busy."

Kara made a face. "We most certainly have." Sakaki laughed and patted her stomach.

"When're you due?"

"A few weeks," she smiled. "Big excitement, particularly for Sae."

At the mention of her name, the girl on Jinsai's shoulders perked up. She was adorable, really—big blue eyes and pitch black hair, and a tiny flame dancing in her palm. Jinsai chuckled and brought her off of his shoulders.

"She's excited, alright," he laughed. Sakaki crouched on the ground.

"If you're getting a brother, make sure that you've got lots of duct tape nearby," he whispered. "But don't tie him up until he's three."

Sae giggled. "Okay, Mr.…uh…"

"Call me Sakaki. Not Mr. Sakaki, just Sakaki."

Sae nodded, saluting, and Sakaki stood up straight again. He was promptly tackled into a hug by Letitia, a tiny explosion going off nearby. Link just laughed.

The room suddenly went very quiet as every person looked towards the door.

Aviar was standing there.

Khimayri was the first to recognize the girl and immediately hugged her. Upon the realization that it was, in fact, Aviar, everyone rushed forwards.

Aviar was an elf.


"So how in the name of blue lobsters did this happen?" Kara asked. Aviar smiled and removed her hand from Kara's stomach, where the baby was kicking.

"Sakaki's dad was bored so he went through the library to kill some time," she explained. "After about an hour he tracked me down with news. He'd found a spellbook that could, if used properly; turn a mortal into an immortal—like an elf."

Sakaki cut in, wrapping his arms around his wife.

"So we tried it. Many, many things were destroyed—"

"Like my hair color," Aaron pouted, motioning to his blue-streaked hair. Sakaki raised a hand to his older brother and promptly swatted him. Aaron, in turn, let out a girly shriek and dove for the safety of Kieran's arms.

"Ahem." Sakaki cleared his throat and continued. "Eventually we got it right, and…" he kissed Aviar softly. "My beautiful wife will now live forever."

"Wonderful," a voice said from behind them. "Good to know that another one of my buddies will be hanging out with me for eternity."


Immediately the vampire was tackled into a giant-sized hug by nearly any female nearby. Every last woman in the room could remember being bitten by the vampire at least once after his allergy had disappeared, and he was currently suckling on Letitia's neck, a broad grin working onto his face. Mai was standing nearby, a slight smirk on her face. And standing beside her…

"Damarcus?" Jinsai asked tentatively. The boy looked up.

He was, to put it bluntly, cute. Misha and Mai had let him grow his hair into a short ponytail at the back of his neck. His eyes weren't as dark as they all remembered and were now becoming a greenish-grey. He was already quite tall and came up to Mai's shoulders—but then again, Mai had never grown past five and a half feet.

"You…I know you," Damarcus began. "Not for a long, long time…but I know you. All of you," he suddenly said, breathing in deeply. Carefully, he walked over to where Kara was sitting. She smiled, and Damarcus placed a hand on her stomach.

"I remember you the most," he told her. "You'd always hold me…your scent is familiar."

Kara grinned broadly and drew the boy into a hug.


The reunion was, to say the least, entertaining. Khimayri and Aaron had gotten into a very interesting conversation about Twilight Princess, and Letitia was busy plotting her next fireworks design. Jinsai and Kara had been caught making out by Sae and Aviar, who had laughed hysterically before Jinsai threatened to set them on fire. All went well at that wonderful reunion.


It was nearly midnight when Letitia called them all outside. Almost the entire school was there and she was standing in the middle of the field with Link.

And then it began.

She'd gotten much better. The explosions were soundless and breathtaking, and she'd managed to teach herself how to make them different colors. Link had made some amazing ice sculptures and it seemed like everything at Fire Eye Academy was going to be fine from there on out. Several students had appeared and were now gaping in amazement at Letitia's explosions. As the last explosions ceased, Jinsai raised his hand. Kara was silent immediately, and eventually the group of friends was all huddled around him, ignoring the rest of the people gathered.

"Firstly, I'd like to ask if anyone remembers what our principal did when we attended. He tried to cover up anything that happened in order to save his reputation and that of the school." Several nodded, and Jinsai continued. "Well, I'd like you guys to know that nothing like that is ever going to happen again, because just yesterday he was fired." Cheers went up. "Furthermore, I'd like to ask you all a question." He cleared his throat.

"Do you think that I'll do a better job than he did?"

The response was immediate, and Jinsai laughed.

"Excellent," he grinned. "I'm starting tomorrow and I was just curious, that's all."

"I'm glad," Mai said, hugging the half-demon. "I was worried about sending Damarcus here. Now I've got nothing to worry about. With you in charge, nothing could possibly go wrong."

Jinsai smiled and noticed that people were beginning to leave, and Kara was leaning on him like she always did when she wanted to be picked up. Smiling, he picked up his wife and scooped his daughter onto his back.

"I'm glad we could see you all again," Kara said cheerfully. "We oughta get together sometime. I'll email all of you."

Agreements instantly went up, and Sakaki suddenly went quiet before blinking.

"It's a boy," he whispered to Kara. "A real troublemaker."

Jinsai nodded. "We'll be careful. Seeing things like that must be useful, isn't it?"

Sakaki nodded, patting Kara's stomach gently. "Like you wouldn't imagine."

Silence followed, and then Sakaki walked away, waving. Jinsai leaped up to the room that he and Kara would be staying in until the end of the school year and placed her on the bed, carrying Sae to her room. When he returned, his wife was well on her way to being asleep, and he turned off the light, tugged all his clothing off with the exception of his boxers, and lay down next to her.

"I love you," he murmured, wrapping his arms around her. Kara smiled and kissed him.

"I love you, too."