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There are twelve artifacts. The Staff of Order, the Flute of Dreams, the Harp of Love, the Water of Truth, the Key of Memory, the Sword of Strength, the Feather of Knowledge, the Moon of Light, the Sun of Darkness, the Petals of Tragedy, Book of Thoughts, and the Bow of Magic. Each artifact scattered around the universe. Each possessing their own powers. Four ordinary kids, Miu, Jay, Misaki, and Heike, must retrieve the twelve artifacts before the evil gets to them first. But can they do it when they can't even go one minute without arguing? Seems almost hopeless....

Yea...very...UNoriginal huh? Lol. Anyway, here's the chapter!

Even when the world is at an end, there is always hope...somehow...someway...there is always hope. You just have to search for it...at the correct place.

Falling Shadows

A Warning To Come

In an old hut where most people would avoid because of rumors, there sat a female with a veil covering her head which reached down to her knees. In front of her, sitting on a table, were a pack of fortune telling cards and a crystal ball. Her eyes were closed and they suddenly snapped open. A soft yet rough voice came from her mouth.

"It nears. The Guardians' reincarnations are here. They shall awaken soon...."

She knew this for after all, she was an oracle posing as a fortune teller. Who doesn't know the legend of the Four Guardians? It was well-known in her part of the world. Everyone knew about the four guardians who would be reincarated into four different kids.

A young girl came from the door, letting the moonlight shine through. She hastely closed it and looked at the old woman.

"Obaa-san, are you alright?"

The woman nodded, her breathing slowly sped up.

"Obaa-san, are you having another vision?"

The woman nodded once more. The girl wasn't surprised at what the woman said next. After all, she was the grand-daughter of a well known oracle.

"Their personalities would clash and the fate of Heaven will rest on their shoulders."


A flash of light...

A scream of pain...

A sword dripped in blood...

The sound of a manical laughter...

The sight of a bloody body....

A cerulean haired girl instantly sat up from her bed and looked around the room with her light blue eyes. There were signs of golden blonde hair in the sea of blue. Her eyes shone signs of fear and worry. Her breathing quicken as if she was running the mile-run at school. The flashes of memories weren't hers and the body...it looked oddly familiar. Including the voices. She hated being confused. Sure she was intelligent and the most smartest person at school and yet manage to remain popular but she knows nothing about things like this.

She let her eyes wander to the clock beside her bed. The green neon lights kept blinking 6:12. She sighed. Too early for her too wake up and too late to go back asleep. However, she has been waking up at this hour since the so call "dreams" happened during the last full moon which was last week.

She got up and her hair flinged themselves over her face. She let out a soft growl and flipped her hair back with her hands. She walked to the closet where the closet was as big as a hotel bathroom. She flipped on the lights and walked until she found what she needed. A white buttoned short sleeve shirt with a collar and a black skirt which was waaaaaaaay too short for her but what are you gonna do? She quickly put the outfit on along with a pair of knee high white socks and a black thin jacket and walked out of her room. She quickly put on her black shoes and walked out the door. Since it was near summer and during May, the early mornings weren't that cold or that hot. A light breeze was going on in the air as it ran through her hair. She shivered a bit as she rubbed her arms with her hands. Sure she has a white scarf around her neck but it doesn't help protect the body. She looked at her watch. The digital watch read 7:59. She sighed and began walking towards school. Another boring day.


A brunette boy with dark green eyes walked down the hallway. He wore the offical boys' uniform of Yena Academy; a white collar buttoned shirt with black pants and black shoes. He walked alone down the hall, with his best friend, Jay.

Now Jay, he had white colored hair with silver colored eyes. He usually got in trouble for having white colored hair but he keeps saying it's his natural hair color but they don't really believe him. His eyes were very strange too. His parents died when he was little so he didn't know where he inherited it from.

"Hey Heike-kun. There's that girl you like so much." Jay whispered to him.

Heike blushed as he stared at the girl who was rather popular at the academy. Sure she doesn't really talk to a lot of people but then again, he wouldn't either when all the kids at the school were spoiled brats as Yena Academy only accepted the richest and most elite students there. Luckily, Heike was able to get in because of his outstanding grades.

"Shut up Jay-kun."

Jay was from America but was originally born in Sunotsu, Japan(It's made up...I think). He moved there when he was about four, two years before his parents died of a mysterious death. Then he moved back to live with his relatives or to be more specific, his aunt and uncle and their children. He was the son of the Shijuya Corporation, the largest gaming corp in the entire world. I'm serious. The largest and well known one too.

"Did I hit a soft spot? Come on Heike-kun. You can't deny the fact that you love Tsunotako-sempai."

Oh and did I mention that Jay Shijuya hasn't stopped teasing about Heike's crush on Miu Tsunotako since he accidently let it slipped to him? No? Well now you do. Sadly, now Heike wished he could control his tongue better so he won't let slip any more secrets he was carrying.

"Shut up Jay-kun. How about your crush with Komura-san?"

And somehow managing to get it out of him, Heike had somehow managed to figure out Jay's crush, Misaki Komura in revenge. Luckily, only they know about their crushes so it hasn't reached anyone else's ears yet anyway.

"I really hate the fact that we're arguing over this silly little topic."

"Me too but what can we do?"

"Get to class maybe?"

The two turned around to see a red haired, violet eyed girl wearing the Yena Academy's girls uniform. Her hair reached down to her shoulders a bit and black highlights made it look more darker.


"What-when-how did you get behind us?!"

"While you two were talking, I had to interrupt you to tell you that class is starting soon. Oh! Tsunotako-chan!" and Misaki hurried off towards the blue haired girl who stopped to wait for the young girl, leaving Jay and Heike behind standing like a total idiot.


"We should get going."


And the two walked off to their first class, which was English. Yes. English. The language you are reading right this minute/second.


Misaki sat down in English, being bored. She was looking out the window, not paying attention to the teacher who was just talking on and on, not knowing that nearly half the class was half-asleep. The English teacher, whose name was Mr. Sunokoyu, noticed this and started grinning greatly which can even scare the devil himself.

"Komura-san, care to answer some questions about what we just learned?"

Misaki gulped. English wasn't exactly her best subject. 'Oh no. I'm doomed.' "H-hai."

Mr. Sunokoyu smirked as he flipped through the textbook for some questions. "Alright then. What's the English word for ai?"

'Thank god I know that one.' "Love!"


'Uhh...damn my bad English.' "...to kill?"


'Damn. I know it has something to do with hurting....' "Pain?"


'Shit! Why me?! Lets see....' "Desire?"

Mr. Sunokoyu's face had a scrowl on it. Misaki gulped. That look on his face...it was scary....


"Uhh...it means fearful ne?"

"Doku?" his face was full of mence. Some of the kids, who were awake at the very least, were shocked.

'Something to do with bad...evil...toxin? No. I remember!' "Poison."

Mr. Sunokoyu smirked. It scared everyone. "One more question...."


Everyone in the class, who is now all awake, was casting nervous looks on the teacher who was usually quite calm most of the time. But now...lets say. Whoever irrates him now, he will kill anyone in his path....

"Komura-san, what is--"


A smooth and soft female voice was heard from the back of the room. Everyone looked back to stare...I mean see the girl with the cerulean blue hair and light blue eyes. Her face showed a very bored and annoyed expression which caused some of the boys to stare with a dreamy expression.

Miu Tsunotako was indeed the most popular girl in the entire school. Even the cheerleaders couldn't come close to her. Her hair was tied down in a ponytail around the shoulder area as some of the gold and blue bangs hung losely over her eyes. Strands of hair hung over her shoulder and her eyes were looking up from the laptop on her desk at the teacher. She paid no attention what so ever to the screen in front of her.

Her left arm was draped on the back of her chair and her right hand was on the keyboard, not moving a bit. Her legs were crossed, her left ankle on her right leg's knee. Her head was slightly tilted as she looked up, ignoring the stares of her peers.

"Sunokoyu-sensei, you have wasted at least ten minutes of class time questioning Komura-san. I think it's perfectly clear that she was paying attention and you were clearly wrong."

Everyone stared at her even more deeply. She had said that in perfect, flawless English. Down to the last accent and speech and words and...yea.

'Wow...she's amazing.' nearly all the boys thought rather in a dream like state.

"Uhh...." Mr Sunokoyu was lost for words. "Okay...."

Miu went back to typing on her laptop and paid no more heed to the teacher and her classmates. As she did that, the bell rang, signaling the end of the class.


Jay and Heike were walking out of the school and down the busy streets of Sunotsu as they passed by many stores and shops. What's the difference anyway?

Jay had a bottle of water in his hands and Heike had a sort of iced drink in his.

"Care to have your fortune taken?"

The two boys turned to see Misaki walking behind them with Miu next to her. Heike blushed when he saw Miu but Jay didn't understand something. Miu never hangs around other people, at school or outside. Plus, he had never seen Miu with such an annoyed expression before. It was no surprise that Misaki was near Miu for she had been like that since they first met. It was uncanny how Miu can stand the stalkerness. Yes. Sometimes...Jay thinks Misaki even stalk the poor popular girl.

"You believe in that stuff?" Jay asked, rather surprised.

Misaki pouted. Jay thought it looked rather cute. "Yes I do."

"So why is Tsunotako-sempai here?" Heike asked.

Not expecting an answer from the rather quiet girl, you can imagine the surprise they all had when Miu opened her mouth. "Dragged me here."


Silence. And then....

"So do you want your fortune told? Cause I wanna!" Misaki exclaimed.

"Sure I suppose." Jay shrugged, unsure.

"Great! Come on Tsunotako-chan!" and Misaki grabbed Miu's wrist and rushed inside, through the door.

"They seem to be very close huh...."

"Don't talk about them like that Jay-kun!"

"Not my fault how my mind works."

"Actually...it kind of is."

"Oh shut up. You're the one who's thinking that way!"

"Well by the way you were saying it, it seemed that way!"

"Why are we even having this conversation?"

"How should I know?"

"Let's just go inside."

And thus end the conversation. Jay and Heike followed after in a less interested way. A small bell rang above them as they walked through.

They expected something like shrunken heads, ritual circles and other magic things in the store and...they were right. There was a six point star inside a circle on the wall and a couple of crystal like substances hanging from the ceiling. A small table was in the middle with a pack of fortune telling cards and a crystal ball on it. A woman with a purple veil hung over her head was sitting behind the table.

"Welcome to my store." the woman said rather softly and mysteriously as most fortune tellers were supposed to sound.

"Uhh...hi?" Misaki said timdly.

"You would like your fortune told, yes?"

'Well duh! Why else would we be here?!' Jay thought.

"Uh yes."

"Great." and her hands began hovering over the ball on her table. Her mouth opened and words flowed out smoothly.

When the stars fall

and the moon shines bright

The four Guardians shall come

And collect the artifacts

Before the predicted Fall of Heaven

"Huh?" they all but Miu said. The three were confused. Miu just had a look of fear on her for some reason.

"Do you wish to know what your fortune means?" the ol' fortune teller asked.

"Yea." Jay said like it was so obvious.

"Then your wish is my command." The fortune teller muttered some unfamiliar words and the last thing the four saw were four different creatures appearing before them. Heike with a dragon. Jay with a phoenix. Misaki with a mermaid. Miu with an angel.


Yes I'm ruining the suspense. Anyway, the oracle from before, whose eyes had been closed, suddenly awoken from her eye closing moment.

"They come."

"Are you serious, obaa-san?"

"Yes. I sense their energy. Their aura. No one else but the Guardians have such power ones."

"But why now?"

"Because...my dear child." the oracle's face darkened. "The end of Heaven falls nearer than ever."

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