Okay, hopefully this'll be funny!



I... do not... know what happened.


One minute Leigh's mum is laying down the ''ground rules'', the next, here we were.

The four of us. In one bed.

Well, okay, there were some things in between that... a few hours, but...well, it all went too fast for me to comprehend.

I think one of the guys mentioned it... we laughed... joked about it...

And now we were four squished teens. In your average, double bed.

Oh what fun.

Especially being squished between two guys, one with his arms tight around me to stop himself from falling off the bed.

"Stop mooooving!" Phillip whined, moving himself. His back was pressed tight against me.

"What's your problem?" I muttered, feeling one of my arms go numb. This wasn't very comfortable at all.

"Your butt is my problem"

"My butt?"

"I can feel your buuuutt!!"

"Well same heeeere!!" I cried, still not knowing what his problem was.

"This doesn't sound like it's gonna work" Amy muttered from the other side of Phillip, on the other edge of the bed.

I'd been proud of myself there. Those two had hit it off immediately... I was such a good matchmaker...

Oh, where was I? Yeah... the bed/butt problem.

"Seems like it" Leigh muttered, then pulled away from me.

"Let's switch over"

We all got up, and all sorted ourselves out again.

Now it was Phillip and me on the outside, and Amy and Leigh squished between us.

Now it was my turn to try and stay on the bed. Oh joy.

"Don't drop me!" I squeaked in Leigh's ear, and he snickered.

"Now why would I do that?"

I didn't reply, more focused on trying to trying to stay on the bed.

I was feeling tired... not tired... tired... suddenly very awake... exhausted...

And then... we decided to try and sleep.

Scary thought.

"Hey, you know-"

"PHILLIP!" Amy and I snapped together.

Silence, then.


Amy and I groaned.

"Okay" Leigh finally said "The next person that talks gets ten punches from everyone"

Silence again... and suddenly it was like, deathly quiet...

"Leigh mate, you know-"

I suddenly burst out laughing. I don't know why. The boys talked, then shut up again.

"Hey Phillip-"

Amy exploded into laughter this time.

"What is with you people?" I muttered into Leigh's shoulder.

"Well, you're one of us" Phillip protested, and the sad thing was... he was right.

Talking... silence...

"This just isn't working" Leigh muttered, shaking his head.

"Duh" Amy said, and I could just picture her rolling her eyes.

Soon Phillip and Leigh just started yakking on... I went in and out of the conversation, occasionally putting a few words in every now and then... then...



"Is she asleep?"

"Um..." I heard Phillip moving, then a soft "Yeah"


"Maybe we should follow her example"

Silence again. I snuggled closer to Leigh, who did the same with me.

I was warm... I was content... I was finally almost comfortable... I was drifting...


"-say about those-"

"PHILLIP!!" We all snapped as the radio suddenly turned on. The radio on Phillips side.

"IT WASN'T ME!" He yelped.

"Sure it wasn't" Amy snarled "You're the only one closest to it!"

"It wasn't! I CANT EVEN REACH MY ARM OVER!!!" He protested.

"Bull" I grunted.

"I'm serious! I didn't touch the damn thing!"

"Then how did-"

"I don't know!" he cried, sounding so serious... I almost believed him...

More grumbling, then silence.

I was kinda glad I was on the edge later on. I needed to get up and grab something to drink. I left... almost smacked into the door in the dark... came back, making my way around the piles of things on the floor...

And I swear I didn't think that bag was there. I swear...

My foot hit it, and I went stumbling into the bed post, hurting myself in the process.

"Ow" I hissed, trying not to make too much noise in case the others were asleep.

"There's a bag there ya know" Leigh said, and seconds later I heard Amy and Phillip cracking up.

"Oh ha ha, laugh it up" I grumbled, feeling my cheeks burning as I finally managed to make it over to the side of the bed.

"We will!" Amy giggled.

That was it.

They were all going down.

Leigh first though.



Well, hope ya liked! YAY!