Spork: An Innovative Creation

Spork, spork

A spoon and a fork

Meshed into one plasticy child

So brilliant

So clever

So innovative

Cafeterias everywhere casually distribute this marvel

This ingenious invention

Those who make use of it's brilliance

Glance over it

As if it is nothing more than shiny plastic

When, in reality

It is a savior to people who eat food everywhere

For there is no longer a need to choose

Spoon or fork?

It's right there, compact and secure

Sleek, creative, spiffy spork

How I love you so

You tame the wildest of spaghetti

You hold the hottest of soups

You, my dear spork, are a god!

Yes, a god of righteousness!

A ruler of the utensils

The most advanced in a series of plastic. . .


Spork, spork

I love you spork

I'll shout it from the mountaintops

I'll scream it in the valleys

And it shall echo. . . echo. . . echo. . .echo

Up to the day when we finally meet again

In the "ritzy" cafeteria of which you reside in

Until then

Stay strong, young fellow

For you are indeed man's greatest invention!