Paranoid, Ditzy, Whiny (and I Hate it)

Something's going on inside of me

What the hell is wrong with me?

Vocabulary consisting of crude words

Fuck this, damn that!

Why doesn't everyone just back off for once?

Why doesn't anyone hold me?

Why can't he?

Oh yeah
He's too busy holding her

I hate me

A paranoid, ditzy, whiny bitch

Doesn't that just all sum it up?

I fear any creepy, crawly kind of bug

I shreik so loudly you'd have thought

I saw a dead, bloody body

I trip over flat ground

Can't walk in a straight line

Can't balance to save my freaking life

Something goes wrong, I complain

People say I whine

I don't mean to

I hate whining

And no one seems to care about any of that

Unstable, unsure, unsuited for existance

So fucking worthless

Who would want me?

No consolation can save me

I'm already gone