I remember the times I've been hurt,

Times I've cried and been left behind.

I've been rejected confused,

Neglected and used.

But each time made me stronger;

I couldn't let myself get hurt like that

So I made myself a promise.

To protect my emotions,

A wall formed-

Shutting everyone out and kept me looking strong

As it protected what it confined:

Someone young and naive,

Fragile and weak,

Scared and alone:


(the me that had been hurt)

I promised myself I wouldn't give in and let someone in.

But then someone special came along

(I was hesitant at first)

But he ended up making the hurt side of me strong.

There was something different about him

And I wish the best because

I have let him in;

I admit it,

I have fallen

But the difference was

He was there to catch me.