"Life, Death, and Love within the Mirror"

By: Cassandra Freiborg 10/12/05

Burning black,

crimson night mare

the things I see,

within the mirror.

Scalding ice,

freezing flames,

inside a heart,

cannot be tamed.

Darkness falls,

fade to black,

the insides are empty,

everything I lack.

Too many memories,

just dust all over,

run your fingers through it,

yet still no closure.

There's things here,

Ive left behind,

photographs and notes,

mementos of all kinds.

His old sketchbook,

a blanket he gave to me,

"It will only protect one of us,

we'll just wait and see."

A picture of us,

in a rusted old frame,

beside a poem you wrote,

paper wrinkled with age.

Beside my old bed,

is a busted old mirror,

the shards hold my past,

and keep me locked here.

Crimson stains all over,

and in the mirror shards I see,

a silhouette of you,

leaning over me.

I weep for myself,

as you clutch my hand,

I kneel in the dust,

or this dying wasteland.

I cry out for you,

try to pass through the mirror,

I blink and suddenly,

things are much clearer.

My body feels heavy,

and there's a pain in my head,

I slowly lift my arms,

they're covered in red.

But there's a blanket wrapped around,

my bleeding wrist,

tightly held there,

by your trembling fist.

"Oh I am so sorry,

dont you know I love you?

Didnt I say this blanket would

save me or you?"

Your tears hit my cheek,

and I smile back sadly,

how could I have let things,

turn so badly?

In the hospital that night,

I thank you so much,

for saving me from,

that awful world of dust.