"The Stereotype Song"

By Cassandra Freiborg 8/14/05

I am so emo,

I cry myself to sleep,

and Im such a nerd,

I speek only in 1337.

I am such a skater,

a limb is always broken,

and I am such a leader,

because I am outspoken.

I am such a goth,

I dress only in all black,

and I am such poser,

everyone calls me a hack.

I am such a jock,

that I fail all my classes,

and I am such a bully,

I kick everyones asses.

I am such a loner,

because everyone is mean,

and I am a hipster,

cause Im always on the scene.

I am such an artist,

I put my soul on paper,

and I am such a waste,

because I like to play it safer.

We are all such stereotypes,

where does originality come in?

Whats the bloody difference,

who we are or who we've been?