No One's There

A dial tone cannot care

It screams and screams but there's no one there

That tone still rings inside my ears

Brings to life all my fears

Cold flesh, static touch

I hate the quiet so very much

That dial tone, all I hear

All alone, no one with me here

Can't breathe, can't see

Can't keep anyone here with me

I wait and wait, always alone

No voices here to deafen that tone

I push the numbers. No one

I can't contact anyone

Take hold of my aggression

This constant obsession

Purity contaminated

Orally defecated

So loud is that tone

Coming from my telephone

I sit in this cushy chair

Dial tone. No one's there

Hold the phone to my ear

Pray for something new I'll hear

Lingering echo

Deafening blow

I'd rather be dead than alone

Oh God, I hate that dial tone