Bush, Bush, Bush....what have you done? It seems you fucked us royally. It seems I was right all along. You don't care. Well, not about us anyway. You make sure all your rich friends get away with their schemes at the expense of the rest of us. And you think we wouldn't notice. I suppose most of us don't. But I do, and many others do as well.

But I don't know what to do about it. This isn't just about Bush. This shit was going on way before Bush. Who knows how long...It's the whole damn system. It's all wrong and it's working against, more so every fucking day of our lives. I'm almost tempted to call Bush a good president, because he's too damn arrogant to keep it under wraps. Because of him more people know the score. But he and his truth-killing lackeys just call us unpatriotic and treasonous to shut us up and scare people out of joining us.

I'm not ignorant enough to believe that a new president is going to change the game. Maybe the rules would be a little more fair, but it'd be essentially the same. We'd need a true revolutionary, a Eugene Debs, to rid ourselves of this top-down power structure. I do not see that happening anytime soon. If you are not a Republicrat you are either a right-wing, paranoid nut job or a communist, tree-hugging pussy.

What we really need is a new mindset. We don't need to see the world in an "us vs. them" mentality. That probably sounds insane because we do have enemies, but obviously demonizing them and starting mindless wars is not helping the situation. The thing is Bin Laden is a human being. With feelings and thoughts like the rest of us. He is not Satan. He is not some sort of monster from another world. He is a human being like you and me. He is a human being like Gandhi was a human being, like Lincoln was a human being, and like Hitler was a human being. I think we all have a litte Bin Laden in us. I really do. And realizing that is essential to solving the problem. Until we recognize evil within ourselves, all the wars, all the finger-pointing, all this projection will be utterly useless. They are all pacifiers. They are all distractions from the real battle. It won't take place on some far off battle ground, in the ocean or even in outer space. This will happen in our minds and collective consciousness. At this point, it looks like the hate-mongers are winning. But it is so hard to gage. If you turn on the TV, the radio, or whatever else you never hear a message of love. And I mean real love. Not lust, not sex, not obsession. I am talking about genuine compassion for your brothers and sisters. I know its there, it's just forced into the underground because we don't own the means of mass communication. They do. And I really hate using terms like "we" and "us" and "they" and "them". Because that reinforces the "us and them" mentality I am trying to escape. So from now on "we" will be doves and "they" will be hawks. These are certainly not perfect terms, but they were the best I could come up with. It's 3 in the morning, for chrissake.

Now, like I said before we cannot demonize anyone and still win this, not even the hawks. But I see it done everyday, and I've done it too. And in demonizing and finger-pointing you become more like the object of your blame. That is not how the doves will win. The only way to win is through pure unfaltering love. Not thru shouting down the other side. Not thru self-righteous posturing. Love, and only love, will save us.

But how are we to spread this message? Our world is so full of fear and violence. We can't spread love thru the radio or TV; those are all parts of the machine. They breed apathy, especially TV. And apathy is perhaps our greatest enemy. Yes, that's right. Our greatest enemies are not people, but concepts and ideas. And many think by getting rid of the people who believe in those concepts and ideas, we solve the problem. I don't think we'll ever really eradicate all the harmful ideas out there. This will be an ongoing battle. This will not end with us. Don't just wait for the revolution to come knocking on your door. Be the revolution. Get your soul in gear; we've got no time to lose.