Dancing Minds

Crowds of dancing people

Oh, the shining people

Gorgeous with their sparkles and satin

Beautiful with their hair spray and suits

But from beind them, an empty space exists

A corner, a nook my imagination fills so unrealistically

He's there

Looking at me

Walking towards me

About to ask me to dance

He's there

Smling away

Nervous, yet only I can see that

Only I can see him

Pacing towards me

Just like in the movies

As the heavy beat thumps in the background

Because my mind thought him up

He wouldn't be here

He couldn't be here

And yet, there he is

Step by step until he's almost right in front of me

And then, like a puff of smoke

You vanish

As the rest of my friends

Shimmering people they are

Snap me back to reality

And I resume dancing. . .