Quest for the Bowling Ball

Chapter One: History of the Magical Bowling Ball

NOTE: This story may be set in America, but for reasons I can't explain, everything involving this story must be in an English accent. I can't explain why, it just has to be that way.

Long, long ago in a kingdom far, far away, there was a magical bowling ball. The ball was a sparkling sapphire blue color, and its finger holes were never too big or too small for whoever was using it, nor was it too heavy or too light. It was also magical in the fact that not only would it bowl the perfect game, but it would also bring the bowler unbelievable good luck in love, treasure, and power.

Are you buying it yet?


Didn't think so.

There is reason to believe that King Henry VIII started the whole tradition in 1520 when he ordered bowling lanes at Whitehall. However, it wasn't until January 1, 1840 that the first American bowling match was held at Knickerbocker Alleys in New York City. Strangely enough, the bowling ball was not invented until December 29, 1862.

But there was a magical bowling ball. It was indeed all the things I said it was before, but it was not from very long ago. It was made in the year 1970, and it belonged to a man by the name of Felix Rodriguez. Felix Rodriguez was not from a land far, far away, however, not even from Mexico. He was from Des Moines, Iowa. He had had a passion for bowling since he was about three years old, and by strange chance, he inherited the magical bowling ball from his grandfather. He became the greatest bowler to come out of Des Moines, Iowa. He had it all because of that bowling ball- a beautiful wife named Clarice, three lovely children, a great job which paid extraordinarily well, and the respect of everyone in town. And of course, he had the bowling ball.

But something happened the night of August 13, 1982 that changed Felix's life forever.

It was going very, very well for Felix on his evening bowling game. The night was young, and Felix had made a strike every time, as opposed to his opponent, Carl Marmox, who had barely scored anything. Felix tried to get gutter balls out of pity, but no matter what he did, the ball would always strike. Carl was steadily becoming angry. Felix silently prayed to God that just once, he would get a gutter ball, because Carl had a very bad temper that not many had either seen or survived. Apparently, God heard Felix's prayers, because when Felix rolled the ball into the gutter, it stayed there.

Felix lost the game that night, for the first time in his bowling career. But he lost so much more than that.

He came home to find that his house had been robbed. His children were dead and his wife was missing. His car- a Ferrari- had been stolen as well. The next morning when Felix watched the news, he found out the place where he worked had burned down because of faulty wiring. And then he discovered the bowling ball in his bag was not his. When he found that out, he started to walk to the bowling alley, but didn't make it there, because he was run over by a semi.

The bowling ball was found by a man by the name of Isaac Jones. He wasn't noticed by a lot of people like Felix was, nor was he rich. He was still single at the age of twenty-nine and obviously didn't know the bowling ball he had found would change his life forever.