Chapter Four: Dex's Lore

Everyone was in complete shock and not able to say a word, until Tyler finally spoke up. "What… the crap… was that?"

"It doesn't make sense! A bowling ball that was rolling down a gutter for that long shouldn't have just bounced back into the lane! It's just not possible!" said Akemi.

"But…that's what it did…" said Jia, staring in dumbfound shock at the lane.

"Something tells me that's no ordinary bowling ball…" murmured Connie quietly.

"And ye'd be right, lass." Dex stood behind the group again, concentrating on the lane very hard. "That ball is 'de one 'und only Magical Bowlin' Ball."

The rest of them looked at the serious expression on Dex's face, looked at each other, and started laughing hysterically. "Mag-magical bowling ball…that, that's a good one…" laughed Jordan.

"I'm serious! Lerk, watch this." Dex took what he called the Magical Bowling Ball and rolled in down the gutter. It rolled down the gutter a little ways, and then rolled right back out, making a perfect strike. "You see what I mean?"

"Okay guys, let's give Dex some credit. My grandpa Isaac obviously set this up as a joke," chuckled Eddie-G. "The bowling ball is obviously remote-controlled. Come on, where's the controller, Dex?"

"But 'der IS no controller. 'Dat is 'de Magical Bowlin' Ball." Dex's eyes and facial expressions reflected utmost sincerity.

"What, just because of a few lucky shots?" spoke up Tyler.

"A few VERY lucky shots!" emphasized Akemi.

"What- you think all 'de Magical Bowlin' Ball does is roll 'de perfect game? Eddiger, didn't you notice how the ball seemed like it was MADE fer you?"

"Well, yes, but…"

"It was from yer grandfudder Isaac. He died a few years ago, you said yerself. He couldn't-a known 'de right sized ball fer you."

Eddie-G was stunned speechless. "What else is there?"

"It's not just that, Eddiger. It'll give you good luck in life, treasure, and love."

Eddie-G laughed. "In case you haven't noticed, I'm doing an okay job with that by myself."

Dex replied, eyeing Jia warily, "You may t'ink."

Jia noticed the way Dex was looking at her and let out a small, somewhat distasteful, "Hmph."

There was a long, awkward pause. "Well…anyone up for karaoke?" offered Jordan cheerfully.

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