With the Willows

With the flowers, I will run

I will run, and never look back

Lilacs flourish in my presence

Telling me, this is my home.


I will hide with the weeping willows

I will share with only them, my dreams, and my hopes

I will bid the wolves' farewell, for I have grown

And I have my home now, with the willows.


I am happy, with my feet free from restraints

And my soul wonders, but not without purpose

for I was once a girl hungry for love

Now I haven't a care in the world.


With one pull of my delicate index finger

I set myself free; I told the world to let me go

Do not pity me, my joy stems from the very act

And I have no regrets.


AN: my attempt to write something different, is it any good; you tell me.