Murder's Artist


Sweetly decomposing lemons

Fruit flies doing a slow, drugged tango

An artful spray of dry


Adorning blue-stained tiles

Arms arranged in

A silent, loving caress

Colder than the dark bathroom marble



Seeping out, soft

Accompaniment to gallant orchestral strains

– Mingle citrus tang and copper scent

And clasp her neck with their heavy wreath

Yellow, red, blue…black.

Soak in the fragrance…

Take a picture, and smile!


(Oh Delilah,

You were never so beautiful in life.)


A/N: Hehe. Just me getting in touch with my darker side. No idea who Delilah is, I picked the name because it sounded kind of exotic. Lol. No offence to any Delilahs out there! Do leave a review!:)