i'm a freak in holey (with the e, i'm no saint) stockings
a penchant for saying far (farfarfarfar) too much.
hair that lets strands fall down past my neck
and a smile that i hate with furious passionate smirks.

i'm the basketcase with the shredding obsession
streaming perfect white paper down into hell,
placing faces on perfection to tear it apart
with five baby baby fingers (and chipped polish.. never perfect)

and you're the wide-eyed slender piece of quirky that tries
(oh so fucking hard but you can't fix what isn't properly broken)

to patch it up with bandaids of don't worries and i love yous.

you're the brightly placed piece of lover i want
with brilliantly sewed words to show i love.
cause i do. the beautiful marbled yellow in the stunning depths,
you make breathing difficult bite size and smiling far easier than once upon a past.
and those words that voice, indescribably fitting to everything
thrumming around you.

its like a shudder and i love you.
and i'm just a train wreck blowing like a hurricane through your
delicately rearranged with Elmers glue world.

and you don't deserve it. like i don't deserve you.