I want to tell you how beautiful the sky is today.
Petals on the breeze (carrying spicy letters,
syrupy commas, the first day truly autumn).
Stroke the skies, sing melodies of soft feathered reality—
the green lacquered trees my only witness.

When it was you and me,
exchanging piquant pumpkin kisses,
torpid summer loves melting into blessed, shimmered you.
Your lips were tart and parted,
mine laced in icy rain,
cloaked in spools of clouds,
our bodies, dust speckled—
heaven frosted—
kissing autumn on the cheek.

And then, when we stopped flickering,
and I read you my words,
(hoping you, too, believed robins to be
red winged temptresses),
and the autumn wind coated us both in cool air—
in rapture of how warm you felt to my chilly soul.

Hoping it makes you smile, how I
try to tell you how much October means to me,
but always, always,
coming back to you.