I was once very small and young.

I had to be taught

how to take these fingers

and use them to untie

my tangled shoes

tangled hair,

tangled neclaces which I always found a way of getting so messed up

Again, I need someone

to please take my hands

and put them in place once more

to grasp thse gleaming scizzors

and cut loose and untie

my heart from so very many places,

people, actions in this life

That I have succeeded in tying myself to

with a double knot

Yet what am I to do with all these

discarded strings of my heart?

Couldn't I just gather them

and tie them like a lovely lock of hair

that wouldn't be a living



part of me any longer?

How much nicer it would be to look at

than to feel; on the top shelf than on my shoulders...

I look all grown up

I'm no longer awkward, foolish, and fearful

Yet...I am.

I do sometimes need someone

who can help me liberate my heart

from this world.