"Okay.." I muttered. "So let me get this straight, which I hope all of you are." I pointed to the youngest of the group, a girl with red hair and blue eyes who introduced herself as Taylor.

"You're a werewolf…"

"Comes in handy, at times," She said.

I pointed to the brunette guy with a scar on his forehead that looked like a lobotomy. He said his name was Jake.

"You're pyrokinetic..."

"Also useful."

I pointed to a rather beautiful blond girl wearing surprisingly but enjoyably modest clothing for such a hot chick, which I have no idea why I say since they were all dressed modestly. Her name was Carol.

"You're a catgirl, but you can shape shift into the human form in which you are now…" They were all in human form, by the way.

"Not as useful in combat, but still pretty cool."

Lastly, I pointed to the guy with black hair wearing all black with a black guitar who claimed his name was Marco. The guy, not the guitar.

"And you're a vampire who wears all black and sun block for protection from the sun…"

"I love hypnotizing people."

"And you all want to be in my band, which has no specific genre."

There was a chorus of yeses.

"This will be interesting, and we'll save a lot on special effects."

"I'm hungry," said Marco, and walked over to Carol, bit her neck and began to drink.

"Don't kill her or we won't have somebody to play base!" I warned. He gave me a thumbs up, but didn't bother to look away.

"Okay, we have Taylor and I to sing, Jake on the drums, me on keyboard, Marco on guitar and, hopefully, we'll still have Carol to play base guitar when Marco's done feeding on her."

Jake shot a glance in their direction.

"You might want to stop now, she's starting to pass out."

"Oh well," Marco sighed, finally halting.

I prayed silently. This was going to be havoc.

Perhaps I should explain my current situation. I was sitting at home one day, about a week ago, watching the MTV music awards. Then, out of nowhere, they awarded best all around band to Backstreet boys! Them, of all people! Something had to be done! If Backstreet boys were the best all around band, our music industry was in serious trouble.

I then decided what needed to be done: I was a fairly decent pianist and I could sing. If anyone could take that award from the Backstreet boys, it was gonna' have ta' be me!

The problem was, the award was for a band. If I was gonna' compete with backstreet boys on all levels, I was gonna need one a' those too.

But wait! Why was I targeting Backstreet boys specifically, and where was I gonna get a band? I quickly decided that I didn't care about the first question enough to find the answer. This left the second one.

Where would I get a band? The answer quickly sprung to my head. If you can't find it on EBay, it doesn't exist. Because bands existed, then there must be some on EBay. Once I found a band for sale there, I decided it was way to expansive to buy one and figured I'd just set up flyers around town.

About a weak after all that happened, a weak after those events being the first time my band met up and the earlier conversation began, Carol woke up and began to beat up Marco