Midnight Stranger
By Sammy
Rating: PG-16 for sure, kinda lime-y

A chilling wind catches your hair and sends it fluttering behind you, tangling and whirling around your back. Slowly, you make your way up the dirt path, weeds and plants grow close on each side, while willows and oaks dangle their arms over your head, some brushes the ground. Light from the waning moon pours in through the foliage of leaves that the trees didn't block.

The soft soil beneath your feet absorbs any sound and all was silent, save for the sound of leaves rustling and trees quaking. You didn't know why you were returning, all you knew was that you had to. You had to see him. A light sigh breathes through you as the last of the trees wane and the crumbling monastery comes into your view.

It was a few months ago when you hadfirst noticed him. You were on your way back from work when you had felt his gaze upon your back. You turned around and gasped at the heat that was in his eyes. You were rooted there; you couldn't remove you eyes from him. His long black hair floated in the breeze and whirled around him like a dark aura. His pale skin shone white in the moonlight, and his eyes… his eyes were such a deep pool of midnight you couldn't help drown in them.

He smiled a predatory smile and you couldn't help but feel as if you were his prey, waiting to be devoured. A blush stained your cheeks a pale pink and you realized that you wanted to be devoured by this man. Your body tingled at the thought and your cheeks grew from pink to crimson.

As if he could read your thoughts, his grin took a ferocious appeal to it and you gulped nervously. Here you were, standing in the middle of the side walk making eyes at a man you just met barely 3 minutes ago. Never mind, you haven't even said a word to him so that couldn't count as meeting, right?

Your breath escaped your lungs again as his powerful gaze fell from your eyes and trailed down your body, taking in every one of your curves hidden by your fall jacket, skirt and boots. His liquid gaze caressed its way back up and stopped at your eyes, piercing you with a look that had to be pure desire.

You closed your eyes for a few seconds, trying to erase the picture of him and you tangled together on satin sheets, his hands mapping your flesh to memory to tuck away for future nights. You barely suppressed a moan as you felt chilly, smooth hands caress your face. Your eyes snapped open and you gasped at the close proximity you were to him. Your breath quickened and you tilted your head to look into his eyes, which you could tell were a midnight blue, so dark and stormy that they were nearly black.

He moved his head down and so gently brushed his lips with yours that you couldn't tell if it was his lips or the breeze. He skated his lips down your jaw; you could feel his breath tickling your skin, before stopping at your ear. Your eyes widened and you whimpered as you felt his tongue trace your ear lobe before gently nipping at it. You closed your eyes as you felt his hands move down your body and gently brushed against your breasts.

His voice, a sinfully melodious timber that caused your knees to grow weak and your to heart race, whispered in your ear.


The simple word that can mean so much, struck you to your core and all you knew is that you wanted to know this man more. At the moment you could have cared less that he was a perfect stranger, but his presence seemed to lull you to somewhere you've never been before, and you didn't ever want to leave.

You opened you eyes as you felt his hand slide over your cheek and off your face, you missed the contact immediately, but he was gone.

Since then you couldn't stop thinking about him. You had returned to the same spot a few times in hopes on seeing him again- to prove to your self that he wasn't just a figment of your imagination. But he never appeared. You had almost lost hope until one night.

You had your back turned to the lighted street and were finishing up locking the small bookstore that you owned for the night. The chill wind reminded you that Fall had come, and that winter wasn't that far off. Autumn coloured leaves danced around your ankles as you weaved your way out of the block of shops that dominated that part of town.

Eager for a hot cup of hot chocolate and curling up on your couch, you quickened your pace when you felt that familiar trickle at the base of you neck. Someone was watching you. Immediately you thought it was him! But when you quickly turned around, your gaze scanned the street and trees, no one was there.

Scolding yourself for getting your hopes up, you continued on your way, taking care not you trip on the uneven edges of the sidewalk. You made it home without event, but that feeling of being watched never left you. You made it to the door of your apartment; moonlight spilled from the sky and drenched your red painted door in its light. As you placed your key in the lock, you felt a presence behind you, warm breath tickling the fine hair on the back of your neck.

You spun around, your eyes wide and your breath escaped your throat. His midnight eyes looked into you; his smile mocked you, laughing at your fear. He was so close to you, you could smell him- a smooth scent purely of male and of rich earth.

You trembled with relief; fear and lust course through your body. He was here, so close to you that all you had to do was step forward and you'd be pressed against him. Oh, how you wanted to wrap your arms around him, to have him hold you, and tangle your hands in his dark hair and trace your lips upon his face.

His eyes seem to darken, and your breath caught in your throat as he lowered his head, stepping closer to you. Placing both his hands on either side of your head, he brought his body closer to yours, pressing against you firmly and melding his lean body to your softer one.

You gasped at the contact, but the sound was swallowed by his lips. He moved his mouth against your own and traced his tongue over your bottom lip, asking permission. You gladly accepted and opened your mouth to him, unknowingly agreeing to submit to his every whim. He plunged his tongue into your mouth, tracing its contours, and pressed closer to your body, effectively trapping you against your door.

His hands moved from their place on either side of your head and slid down your body, tracing your curves, sending shivers racking down your body and igniting a flame in the base of your stomach. His firm hands confidently traveled their way back up, one resting on your cheek, angling your head so he could kiss you more deeply. The other was buried in your hair.

You whimpered as he nibbled on your bottom lip, and you gasped as you felt his excitement pressing against you. Surely you would have fallen if he hadn't been pressing you so tightly against the door. His lips traveled from your lips to your jaw, his tongue swirling against your skin. You could only pant at his ministrations. You still couldn't believe that this was actually happening, that a drop dead gorgeous man was kissing you senseless and sending waves upon waves of pleasure throughout your body. The heat, that was steadily growing since catching your eyes with his, was near to unbearably and all you wanted to do was rip off each others clothes and make love right there in front of the door, not giving a second thought to anyone who happened to pass by and witnessed their joining.

The man with the midnight eyes suddenly latched his mouth to your earlobe and sucked on the soft skin, then pulled down your jacket's collar to get better access to the smooth column of your throat. His lips left your ear and traveled down your throat, his movements now more erratic. His teeth scraped gently against the skin and you trembled at the sensation. You felt him smile against your neck before he bit down harder, you felt a pinching at your throat and you squeaked in protest. The pain stopped and you were starting to feel lightheaded, yet the sensations coming from his mouth on your throat and the steadily increasing warmth that was emitting from his body kept you relaxed. The last thing that you remembered before losing consciousness was a pair of blood red eyes staring into your own.

When you had awoken you had found yourself on your bed, your naked flesh against the dark cotton of your bed's comforter. You had nearly thought the whole experience a dream before you caught your appearance in the mirror. Two small puncture wounds were on the side of you neck. You had stood there for what seemed like hours, starring at the wounds before you started shaking and a cold tremor had swept through your body.

Since that night you had vowed to yourself that if you ever saw him again you wouldn't stick around, but at the same time the thought of him and his midnight eyes, and his body pressed against your own sent your body full of longing. It left you nothing but confused, so you figured that you would you deal with it if you saw him again.

Since that thought, you had only seen him once since that night, it was then early spring and the snow from winter had almost completely melted. Trails of dirty water coloured from the sand, that the City had sprinkled out on the roads, trailed over the slowly emerging grass and coloured the world in the colours of a newspaper.

You were walking home once again from the shop, lost in your thoughts of the day's revenues and what books you needed to restock when you felt yourself stop. You had lifted your head in confusion, wondering why you had stopped when your gaze caught him. He was standing a few feet away, looking at you with a small smile and an indescribable expression in his midnight eyes.

He turned around and disappeared through the trees behind him, not once looking over his shoulder back at you. To this day you didn't know what possessed you to follow him, but you did. You slowly made your way down the old path that your stranger was leading you down, for somehow you knew that he meant for you to follow him.

The path was wet and water frequently dripped from the scarce branches above you onto your head and dampening your hair. It was after a quarter hour walk that the trees began to thin out and your thoughts of once again wondering where this vampire was leading you paused. Ahead was a crumbling monastery, the large stone building seemed wilted and ancient in the light of the moon. Larger drifts of snow still leaned against the standing walls and puddles filled the gaps and dips on the ground.

He stopped upon a hill and beckoned to you, your feet seemed to have grown a mind of their own and you moved towards him, your breath stuck in your throat, you were captivated on his appearance. The pale silver moonlight glinted off his mass of black silk hair that tumbled past his shoulders in waves. His face, a pale white seemed to glow with the moon in the background and brought out the outline of his chiseled features. His midnight eyes, they seemed to stare straight into your soul, finding your secrets and hidden desires. He looked like a fallen angel, you were almost too afraid to touch him, as if your sinful touch would cause him to crumble to dust.

He smiled at you again, almost sadly. He then held out his hand towards you, beseeching that you trust him. You hesitated only a second before raising your own hand and slipping it into his larger one. His long fingers wrapped their way around your own, and he pulled you against him. You rested your head against his chest and he ran his fingers down your long mane of hair.

You spoke, your voice in a whisper. "What's your name?"

He paused, as if he had to recall before answering. "I was once called Artemis, you may call me that."

You tested his name on your lips, pleased with the way it sounded. He wrapped his arms around your waist and you both just stood there. A cool wind blew against you, sending yours and Artemis' hair to fly around your bodies. You shivered and snuggled closer to him, not very surprised that no warmth came from him. You wondered then what he was going to do to you. If he was going to suck all your blood and kill you he would have done it already, right?

As if he read your thoughts, Artemis' arms tightened around you and he lowered his mouth closer to your ear. His voice was slow and smooth, his breath making your skin tingle. "I'm not going to hurt you."

Your cheeks grew pink, embarrassed that you were so transparent, and you buried your face against his chest. His chuckles at your reaction caused your ears to burn and you squeezed your eyes shut. You felt him rub his hands down your back, tracing the patterns in the fabric of your jacket. His lips brushed against the top of you hair and your heart beat sped up. He moved his hands over your shoulders and cupped your jaw, his eyes catching yours.

You tried finding some sort of familiar emotion in the midnight depths, but they were so deep you couldn't find your way. You quickly became lost in the cobalt pool and nearly startled when you felt his lips brush against yours. You opened your mouth automatically in surprise and he quickly darted his tongue into your mouth, kissing you deeply.

His hands traveled all over your body, then he released your mouth to travel a path along your jaw with little bites. Mews and cries emitted from you when his skilled hands and tongue touched all the right spots on your body. At long last your felt his teeth scrape against your throat and you stiffened. He quickly stroked your back reassuringly and gently kissed the column of your throat. Content as a cat, you closed you eyes and leaned towards him, your mind hazy and your knees weak. You felt him pause at your neck again, his hands still rubbing your back. You barely felt anything this time as he bit you, the small amount of pain quickly leaft and filled you with a feeling of pure bliss, soon the world faded away leaving you in peaceful darkness.

It was now mid August. Since that night when you once again woke up cold and naked on your bed, you felt for the first time alone. You would have given anything to stay with him. The longing of his presence grew over the months that you didn't see him, yet you hesitated to return to the ruins. Finally the ache in you heart grew too much and you decided that that night you would go to him.

You approach the very spot where you and Artemis were last standing and look around. Now that summer was in full bloom, the beauty of the valley that the monastery ruins laid was unsurpassed. Fragrant flowers that lay sleeping dotted the emerald blades of grass that surrounded the ruins. Vines tangled and stretched over stone and the moonlight painted the grey marble.

The closer that you walk towards the rubble, the less painful the ache your heart throbbed. Now, as you stood there a calming peace flows over you in waves. You heart jumps as a pair of arms wrap around your waist and Artemis rests his chin against your shoulder, breathing in the scent of your hair.

"You came."

You smile, now wondering why it took you so long to return. "I couldn't stay away."

He hums low in his throat and buries his face into your hair. You giggle as his nose tickles your neck. He moves from behind you to stand in front of you and takes both of your hands in his own. "Stay with me"

Your eyes widen, did he mean…?

"Forever." His midnight eyes never leave yours and at the moment you couldn't refuse him anything. You open you mouth to answer.

"No." He places a finger against your lips. "Don't answer right away. What I'm offering is you is a life different then your own." His eyes soften considerably, and you can read the emotion just as clear as if you read it in a book. "To forever walk on the earth while feeding on the blood of the living…"

This time it is you who place your finger upon his lips, you smile at him. "I've read enough books to know that it is not an easy life, but as long as I can spend it with you, that is enough." A blush graces your face and you lower your eyes, what if you were wrong about reading that emotion in his eyes? "Artemis… I… I love you. And I cannot bear to spend another day without your arms around me."

Silence follows your confession and your heart drops for every second that he doesn't reply. You chew on your bottom lip, and feel tears fill your eyes. You knew you were wrong.

Artemis lifts your chin with his finger and wipes away a tear that had gotten away. He whispers your name, the note sounding melodious on his lips, you never thought that your name could sound so beautiful before, but now, spoken by such a beautiful man you can't help but weep. More tears fall from your eyes as you look at him. He's looking at you with that look in his eyes again.

"Love, don't cry."

You sniff, you could feel your heart breaking and he's telling you to not cry, how could he… your eyes that had shut in attempt to stop the flow of tears snap open. Did he just call you love?

A smile was on his face, and his eyes were twinkling. You gape at him, "You…"

"I love you" The words feel from his lips and your heart pounds within your chest. Your eyes shine with tears now of unconditional happiness and you fling you arms around his neck. The force of your hug ends up pushing Artemis backwards and both of you fall to the ground with a thump. Your smaller body on top of Artemis' own.

You don't bother to hide your embarrassment or your cherry red face, "oops."

Artemis only wraps his arms around you, holding you close as he laughed. Even through your embarrassment, you couldn't help but join him in his laughter.

Eventually you bring your head down upon his chest and close your eyes, content to stay where you were forever. Rolling you over so now you were under him, Artemis moves a piece of your hair from in front of your eyes before gently kissing you.

"My love." You smile at Artemis, you couldn't be happier in any other place then where you were now. With Artemis over top of your, his midnight eyes shining with love gazing over your face, and his body hovering over yours, promising nights of pleasure. You close your eyes and sigh as his lips find yours once again, his tongue dancing with your own.

You are ready to face the future, no matter how long that future was, with Artemis, your midnight stranger, by your side.


Please excuse the fact that it's kinda cheesy... I haven't written anything serious in a while, and I really haven't had much experience with writing that sort of stuff points to fluffy bits Also, some of the tenses are screwed up because I have little to no experience with writing "you" fics. Any comments would be much appreciated.