Butterfly Betters

Leaf is happy Ash is getting better, and she's happy Ash finally loves Enzo like she loves kings' sons, but she is slightly hurt that she couldn't do anything for Ash, that Ash didn't need her help. She sucks on an apple lolly-pop and furrows her eyebrows.

Adam comes in through her window instead of her front door because he likes to and he kisses her with his eyelashes.

"What's up, Butterfly Kiss?" he asks, blinking against her cheek.

She tells him her thoughts and she sees slides of perfection flitting across his amber eyes. "My love, I think she needed Enzo for this one, and he did too. She knows you're there for her, but she needed Enzo so she could know if she could love him, too."

Leaf smiles and burrows her face into his golden neck, knowing he is right- Ash doesn't trust very much, and hardly ever loves. Leaf, Adam, and Enzo are Ash's only friends (besides her books). She knows they are all lucky, and the glass is out of Ash's hands and into the past.


Feel like I'm on a writing high. Can't stop, but it's friggin' cold and it's like 3:35 a.m. this one took 14 min :P. (AN- that note is from when I wrote this chapterlette…right now, it's only about 11:07 p.m.)