Mirror & reflections 3: All comes to end

Together, they didn't make it. The believed they would though, once, long time ago. But fate decided differently. Fate decided they weren't meant to be. They found love in each other and accepted that love, but emotions change through time and separation is sometimes inevitable. They were each others first. And they now experience heartbreak by each other. A heart wrenching feeling. A pain that can tear you apart. But they'll live, they'll get over it, and they'll move on. Over meant over and they don't dwell in the past. Because that's how they were, they didn't play the game by anyone's rules. They played by their own rules. Actually both are selfish in a way, too stubborn, too arrogant. So much alike, so much in common, no, somehow they weren't any different from each other at all actually. To the outside world though they seemed different from each other as night and day.

The good girl, the bad guy. They were pretty together and the word simplicity would've befitted them. If not for outside elements that complicated everything. But without those complications, the word simplicity befitted them. Most definitely. It was easy when she was with him. She knew what he liked and he knew what she liked. It wasn't hard, because they had each other. They understood each other. Yes, simplicity would've befitted them if it was not for the outside world intruding.

The outside world, reality, it brought them back to the ground. Cloud nine isn't always lasting. For clouds are air and you fall through air. They now go separate ways, but their time together had formed them into the people they are today. The bad guy, the good girl. Those titles, those stereotypes vanished into thin air along the way. They became people. No longer branded. And they've grown into their own skin, because they can now.

The bad guy isn't bad anymore, he's just a guy now. A reputation turned around. He had shown that he could care and they now perceive him as an okay guy. He's shown them a little peek, a glance through the coldness of his heart and insight in his life. He's shown affection and love and that made them believe he wasn't so bad at all. He's grown into his own person, and his old best school friend isn't his friend anymore. His school friend had disapproved of her. He had defended her against him. "Fuck you, there's nothing wrong with her and I don't give a fuck what you think about her." He had defended her even after they had broken up already. He could've turned his back on her so easily, but he didn't. He became his own person and that made her respect for him grow even more. She knows the disapproval had wounded him. But he stood his ground for her and showed loyalty and for that she's happy and grateful. No he's not that bad guy anymore, he's just him. Take it or leave it.

The good girl isn't good anymore, nor innocent, nor anything actually. She's just a girl now. Young and full of potential of being something. She's shaken the good image off to spread her wings and just do her thing. She's experiencing emotions she never thought she was capable of. She once said about gaining and losing one's heart's desire: "If that's true, then give me tragedy." Now she knows, she knows both tragedies. And still she wouldn't trade it back for anything the world. They see her now and smile, she's finally taking life into her hands and live. She's doing things they never expected of her. She was always perceived like a Mary, nowadays, they've added a Magdalene to it. No, she's no angel. She's ditched the halo now. She not the good girl anymore, she's just her. Take it or leave it.

Two people, thrown into the deep by fate. Two people, once completing each other, now they held their own. Flirting through life. They've experienced love, pain, tears, lost. Two people, on separate roads now. They keep in touch, once in a while, they bide time for going back to the old ways. To sort the feelings out. And in the end, maybe there's a beauty in goodbye and letting go.