Disclaimer: this is a work of pure fiction.

Today she sits in class like nothing ever happened. Many never knew anything ever did happen and to be honest even she now has her doubts. Being the private person she is she never told anybody. The fact most of her friends are attention seeking liars she didn't think anybody would believe her anyway. She goes on like nothing happened and has almost managed to convince herself nothing did. Yet all the signs are there, for nobody to read. Her obvious shudders at a course touch. The way she jumps at a male voice, lacking in that particular area and the dreams. The God forsaken dreams. When she wakes she can still feel crawling all over her body. Nobody noticed the never spoken words between them after that night, the night he knew what he was doing.

He loved watching her every move, so slight from across the room. All night he watched and subtlety refilled her drink when nobody was looking. Twice when he caught someone else's eye he made it look like he'd picked up the wrong glass. Once he even had the nerve to open on and bring it to her. She smiled that smile and took it with thanks. Then as he walked away he saw her put it down and never go back to it again. 'I'll have to do better then that I guess' he thought to himself smiling. She's just playing hard to get, but I'll get her. He saw her looking at him once or twice. He defiantly saw her wink at him once. He saw her sway her hips to that dreadful pop music, daring him to come get her. He almost moved to do so then and there but faltered at the sight of her larger friends. Instead he turned left and went up the stairs. Yes, the thought, best to get to know the layout of the place.

All the upstairs rooms were full. Most of them with friends playing drinking games and the odd couple could be heard through closed doors hear and there. He smiled as he passed one such door picturing the contents inside moving together in a stranger's bed. 'I'll do one better' he thought to himself. He stopped by a silent door above the kitchen wondering what was happening inside when suddenly the room erupted in laughter. He even laughed to himself. Stupid fools he thought, to drunk to stand so they just have another drink. He hadn't touched the stuff; he knew he might have to make a quick get away. NO! He wasn't going to think about that now, just enjoy yourself while you're here. He went back downstairs to continue counting the drinks. Her numbers were getting high now and he started to get hopeful. Most of her friends had lost by now, either sleeping or sitting at the least. Looks like its time to play the helpful bystander, he thought, and the biggest finally lost and had to be carried out of sight. He made sure he was the last one out and when nobody was looking he locked the door from the outside. Fuck he was heavy, but she'd be worth it soon. Ah, there she goes. She's losing fast I'd better get going…NO! She's being followed by someone else. Wait, am I being asked by her follower for help? What a perfect set up! She faltered at the stairs and he carried her up to the shower room. He watched as the other seated her on the floor to lose the night. A knock on the door? Ah, someone else needs help. 'I'll take care of things here,' he said with a smile, 'and put her to bed before I leave around midnight.' She looks up as the door closed. Her eyes fell on him, she looked fearful. Finally they were alone.

He lets her be for a while, still losing the game she was to young to play. But all to soon she shivers, he hadn't planned on this. Maybe this was a bad sign, had he given her to much? No he thought getting to his feet, she's just cold. He loved this part; there she was half lying on the floor, helpless as a child ready to be taken by him. She was beautiful still, though he noted something like fear in her eyes. Perfect, he thought, while he gave her a smile. It occurred to him she knew it wasn't a comforting smile. It was hitting her hard now and she tried to focus. She made a hilarious yet unsuccessful attempt to stand. She opened her mouth to speak but no sound came out and he laughed as her eyes closed.

He carried her. She wasn't as light as he thought but still as easy to handle as a feather. He moved silently through the upstairs hall with her helplessly clutched in his arms. All the doors were closed and not a sound came from a single one of them. The house around him was perfectly silent, save for the sounds of sleeping. His step changed at this thought. He looked down at the angelic face of the childlike form in his arms, then boldly began his descent down the stairs. Down another staircase after turning left off the well it, yet silent main floor to the basement. He had prepared for her, leave a blanket near the far corner. As he started toward it she shivered again and his smile faltered, he quickly shook it off. He could get help later if he needed to. He'd just say he heard noises and found her hear. For now however, he had business to attend to. Finally he had her where he wanted her. Her tempts of him with those sly smiles and flirty glances, his patience paying off.

He carefully lay her down on the floor. As he did so her eyes opened and she started to speak. He hushed he almost instantly. She had barely uttered the cry of a cat when he covered her mouth with his powerful grip. He kneeled down and whispered the rules in hear ear, "no screaming, no fighting, no yelling and no telling, just love and we'll get along fine, resist me and I will be forced to kill you." He said it calmly as he showed her the knife he had kept hidden till that moment. How sweet he thought as she started to cry. The muffled sobs that escaped her mouth were driving him crazy. Her attempts to stop crying and control herself aroused him even more. He knelt there and admired her finally letting go of her face, and watched as she took a gasping breath. She shivered violently and he almost faltered but he was so into himself now he convinced himself it was out of fear. Her fear, her fear of him!

Her light garments were easy to dispose of quickly as she didn't have much fight left in her. He kneeled back up when he finished admiring his prize. She was beautiful and the moment to him was perfect. He was glad he waited. He looked her over drinking her in with his eyes. Then her eyes caught his gaze and he lost himself, he had to have her. Though in the moment they locked glances he noted something else in her eyes. Something probably related to the blue tinge on her lips. He noted it, but quickly forgot it as she started trying to fight him again. He had hoped for this. He needed an excuse to want to hurt her. He caught one of her wrists and slapped her hard with his free hand. She let out a soft cry of surprise and he used his grip to pull her up to him. He caught her around the shoulders and pulled her close. He warned her to keep quiet and bit her hard on the neck, tasting her delicate blood. She gasped as he threw her back down on the floor where she lay watching him with fearful eyes. Finally the moment was perfect and he dominated her in every sense of the word. He no longer worried about the noise as he drank in her cries. She tried to turn her face away, but he made her look at him. This was exactly what he wanted. The timing was perfect, she was perfect and she was all his. Nobody could stop him now as he dominated her over and over.

He finished with a shudder and lay down next to her, still not willing to let her go. She was his all night, why not enjoy it right? He had earned it hadn't he, with his patience. He pulled of the blanket and admired her every curve. After violating her further he caressed her, feeling and kissing her entire body as if they were life long lovers. He confessed his love to her as she shivered again firmly keeping her eyes shut tight. He lay down on her, sheltering her from the cold as lovers would. He held her in a tight embrace and covered both of them in the blanket. He took her again, dominating her in a different state of mind. He wanted to sooth her this time and show her how much he loved her. But when she didn't respond he started to get angry and aggressive again. Why was she doing this to him? All he wanted to do was love her, all she had to do was let him love her. Then she shook violently, the blue of her lips deepening and she tried to open her eyes yet failed and a soft cry escaped her lips. He imagined it was out of pleasure and continued his movement on and in her, his smile growing. He finished more quickly this time and kissed her fully on the mouth before settling beside her and gripping her in tight embrace. After licking her lips he kissed her neck and let his hands wander.

She kept her eyes closed and tried not to move or make any sound. She shivered as she felt him creeping all over, in and around her. At this movement he tightened his hold on her and it was hard to breath. He had bitten her neck in his first act and it was painful again, as his lips moved over the wound. This act of affection and whispers of I love you were somehow more humiliating then any previous acts. His now sweet words seemed like a different person then had threatened to kill her but it was hard to think as the room swam in and out of focus. She wanted him to stop. Why was he whispering I love you, and begging for love in return. How could anybody love such a monster?! These thoughts were her last for the night, for with a slight shudder and frail gasp she knew nothing more.
Curses it was to much, he thought as he felt her go limp in his arms. He had hopped she would last all night but these hours had been plenty to satisfy his appetite for her. With one last kiss on the neck he got up and dressed silently. He crept across the room and looked back at her. He sat on the floor leaning against the opposite wall and drank in her creamy white skin. Her calm face left turned toward him, the soft skin of her neck and small creamy white breasts half exposed to the cold. One soft leg visible and he smiled at the childlike foot, so pale in the cold. With silence around him all he could hear were her small quick breaths and watch the steam rise from her lips even in the semi dark. He lost track of time, watching her little breasts rise and fall had become mesmerizing. He glanced out the window high above her. It was facing east and just reached ground level. The sky was just starting to get light, he would have to leave soon. He got up and crept toward her. The blue of her lips was somewhat worrisome, but she would be found soon. He dressed her in the clothes he had taken off much earlier and wrapped her up tight in the blanket. He then walked to the door smiling and never looked back.
'We found her in the basement,' her friend said to large amounts of laughter. 'She had lost so badly that night I don't think she'll ever play again! Her head hurt for a week! She was really hung over and we still can't figure out how or why she was in the basement. Some think she got sound sensitive and went down there to get away from it all, but she was pretty sick when we found her. We wrapped her in the blanket that was down there and she shivered. Her lips were blue even and we had to put her in a warm bath to raise her body temperature. She had probably fell over the stairs judging from the bruises and cuts on her. We laughed at her for a week after and we even gave her the blanket wrapped up as a present for good measure! If she remembers anything she's not going to tell us that's for sure. She gets a funny look sometimes when we talk about it and I think she remembers something but won't tell us cuz we'll make fun of her! And we really would too!' he finished dramatically and the place roared with laughter. He was there and he saw her forced smile. He wondered why she hadn't told anybody, then he laughed with everybody else at what they though she had done. Though his laugh was for a different reason, one that only he knew. Then the bell rang and he left as most of them scattered to classes.
'I hate when they talk about that night,' she thought to herself starting away from the laughing group. ' I know they don't understand but I wish they'd just get a new topic.' She shivered when he walked in, but nobody noticed. He had simply smiled and handed drinks around, barely given her a second glance. They were right, she was never going to touch the stuff again! She couldn't talk to him after that. Not even to ask him what happened exactly, after all he would lie wouldn't he? She couldn't remember much and what she did was hazy and even she admitted it could have been a dream. She sighed as she sat down at her desk, maybe they were right to laugh, maybe she had just been stupid and gone down there on her own somehow. I mean every body said he left around midnight. Regardless she wore long sleeves and adjusted the scarf she wore around her neck and took out her notebook like every day before and since that night.