Certainty claws at her terribly as she watches him turn. It as if she is burning alive in a unstoppable fire, and she knew it was the end. He'd told her time and time again he was going to leave, unless she stopped seeing Michael. But she couldn't stop, and now their relationship is over! Five years it had lasted! Five years she'd been loved, and five years of that love now amounted to a simple waste of time. Still, he didn't take that step out of her life. A clock ticked in the background, and every second felt like a heart beat.

"Do you love him?" He isn't facing her, so she can't see his expression. But she can hear the pain in his voice. The pain that she knew she'd caused.

"No!" she cries, because it's true. Michael has never been anything to her, except another method of torture from the man that she does love.

"Do you love me? Did you ever love me?"

"I do! I did! I always have!"

"Then why? Why do you have to break this apart? It doesn't make any sense...I love you. But I can't put up with this, not anymore."

Salty tears roll down her face, and the pain feels like it's never going to stop. He has to go, he deserves to go. He deserves to be happy. She can't give him that happiness, she knows that. She can only bring him misery. All she can bring to myself is misery. She's just like her mother, and her mother's just like the mother before that. The terrible certainty still loomed over her, and she knew he was going to leave, and she was going to be forever unhappy.

Even if he stayed...would it even make a difference? She's just too far gone.

"I'm sorry," she tells him, and it's the truth.

"You're always sorry." There's no malice in his voice, he's just tired.

The clock continues to tick, and then he takes that step. And another. And another. And she feels like her heart is breaking with every step, she feels like she has to be dieing, and yet she's not...she's just unhappy.

Just did a five meinute free writing exercise. Trying to get my inspiration back. Think I'll just post these, even if they are only rush jobs. So I have something to look back on for inspiration, and something to see that I can write.