I'm uncertain and very lost

Confused and re-buried

Tired and defrosted

Fallen and unvaried.

But the worst thing about it is

I don't know what to fix

These directions on the lover's quiz

Leave many open tricks

If its one thing that I'm certain of

And knowing that is true

I'll always abide right by his love

No matter what we do

I don't know about him

But I meant every word

Drawing the line very thin

Is dangerously slurred

Enough of all the emo shit,

I'm becoming what I hate

Emotionals who slump around

Then mourners catch the bait.

Although every second counts

And I don't want to wait

These aren't always blunt amounts

Of horrible, hurtful pain

My confession stands without a doubt

I hope you all have listened

A lacking of to get this out

Would kill me in an instant

The days that pass are long and hungry

Starving for redemption

I strive not to be the adoptee;

The backup plan's exception

Spill my words onto this keyboard

For an art my confession to be

Forgive me, if there is a lord

Once blind can all now see