You are accused of
allowing every rape
of every woman and every man
who ever lived
of making Satan
if not in real life
then in our heads
of allowing men to tell us
who you are
and letting them condemn
what you aren't
of letting them use your name
to get what they wanted
of opening the gates of the sea
and blessing the passage
and rights of diseased christian sailors
to native soils
of allowing your name on the hearts
and flags of countries who rode
through lands, killing for your glory
and theirs
of Stalin
of Hitler
of letting a people who has never understood you
die in a confusing ash
of making yourself a mystery
so that humanity's history
is a bloodbath of war
over who you are
of letting cancer plow the bodies
of our families and friends
for if everything has come from you
then it cannot only be the good
the discoveries, the inventions,
the passion, the love
but also the genocide, the abortion
the undying lust for everything that hurts each other
you are accused of sin
not for its creation, but your reaction to it
you are accused of making something
irresponsibly, your Frankenstein
a monster with a soul that longs for love
and yearns for hate
for casting he, and she, and everything else out
and demanding it return on your conditions
you are accused of making shame
of creating hell
and making us fear its eternity
and most of all
you are accused of lying
of declaring your own holiness
and glory

You stand trial in this court
which cannot hold you
pronounced guilty by a jury
that believes you innocent
that cannot see you
in front of prosecutors
who consist of the dead,
the suffered, and the living
who have turned you in
there is no judge
brave enough to announce your sentence
and there is no noose
big enough to punish your evil
but if you exist
if you are more than air
and if there's a hell
you deserve to be there