His stark white hair

Against his lopsided face

And tattooed body

Leaning against his guitar

One move sending the crowd

Swept up in pandemonium

The crowds pumped on adrenaline

Reaching and running

To the freaks on the stage

Covered in paint

And drenched in stardom

The freaks on stage

That everyone looks with open disgust

And quiet admiration

The freaks who give up

Their everyday lives

Just for one day

To be on the stage as someone

Someone different

Someone above and beyond

Before slipping back to norm

The freaks on the stage

That can pound the drums

And make the bass scream

And be considered as

God's voice

All powering

And soul searing

The guitarist touches the cheek

Of a girl in the crowd

Making her electrified

And sending sparks around

Sending the crowd a buzz

Before slipping back

To their drug induced chaos

With the snap of the skins

Against the drums

The low tenor voice

Reeling back

Into a mind numbing scream

Your psyche sways

And you don't see freaks anymore.