I sit by the window

Drenched by ennui

D a z e d by gray

Damaging 'school property'

With my yellow highlighter

Highlighting a four letter word

Highlighting how I feel

About Mondays

And the six other days

That stands in my way

Before infinite

Just Infinite nothing.

And I begin to work

My bitter fueled brain power

On why, just why

I'm here.

And not out in the rain?

And how that girl…

That girl over there

(wearing white)

Is outside jumping on puddles

While the lechers inside

Stare mesmerized and aiming

Their golden arrows

Through the angel

Drenched in a torrent of rain…


Her mascara running

And her hair coming down

In heavy waves

Like a vibrant… something.

Out of her heavily clad

School status shell

As she dances through

The slippery brown grass

With her legs flying

And her arms out stretched

Praying that

Today won't be the last.

The snickering starts

As a flock of girls

Entering the room

With their high heels

And miniscule skirts

And make up intact

And I wonder


The one outside looks…

So much more beautiful.

The girl enters

(That girl in the rain.)

She sits beside me

Her honey tresses hiding her face

I lean forward as if possessed

As I catch a glimpse

Of an eye, a pair of lips

With her make up intact.



To fall back into my chair

As if stun gunned.

She gives me a curious look

As I gaze into raccoon eyes

And see the quiet amusement

Fill me

Fill me whole.

She smiles

And I feel my heart

Skitter under my sleeve

As I continue

With my stick figure masterpiece

Of painful yellow on desk.

Trying to keep quiet as the teacher arrives

And quiet the laughter sealed up tight

In my throat

saved for a rainy day.