Dear God,
I've found a latex glove and a golf club
I plain to use them well,
My self rape,
Some pain, some blood,
Revenge upon the
person they destroyed because,
I can't catch them....

Dear God,
I've done the deed,
bloods all over me,
My arms, my legs.
I'm rubbing it in
this shall be the
blood of my rebirth into my
living hell.

The worlds spinning,
I'm grinning,
naked in the blood
of my unborn
destroyed by a golf club
and latex glove...

Mom and Dad
have walked in,
staring like I'm physco

Laughing away the pain
breathing in the hurt

Mommy's staring,
Daddy's on the phone

Dear God,
It's almost the end,
but you knew that already,
Death will soon come,
may it be swift and sure
Need a church
sudden urge to desecrate the

Water into wine,
Wine into blood.
drink it up God

Impale my soul
on Destiny's spear
Condemned by God,
Forsaken by the holy
for my accidental suicide,
and the raping of my body

For this I burn in Hell...