My soul burns
Melting my skin
acidic rivers of my love
mixing with
Inky Blood
that poured from my
craving emotion once more
like a cheap whore needs
her fix

The Knife glides
lovingly over old scars
of my love for you

I'm screaming as a
shred my soul
on to this
cheap paper

Ragged and worn
I will survive
Holding my soul in my
I'd give it to Satan
for your love,
If I had half a chance
No chance will I get,
No love will I receive

Instead I'll
write away my pain
bleed away the memories
of you on this page

Set my
paper air plane prose
free on winter wind so cold
my blood has frozen

Cherry red Popsicles
of blood in my mouth
my self,
A one women Donner's

One Bite, two
three bites, four

A never ending cycle
as I rip into my self
feeding my starving body
with the forbidden fruit

So I pass
asphyxiated on my
starving love