Summery: The World ends, and Hell opens, allowing the Demons to come to earth. That's where it gets interesting. Five kids are endowed with special powers to combat the demons and restore Earth. But will that be enough?

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Hell on Earth

Teaser Chapter (Maybe Prologue)

By Lupine Eyes


The World exploded. The first thing I was aware of was the pain. The Agony, shattering my already fragile psyche. I looked around, and it was if the scenery was melting, buildings, cars, lamp-posts, all becoming this colorless goop, which sort of bonded, swirling together like a vortex. I saw other people, out on the streets, also in pain, and wondering what the hell was going on.

The slime started to… bleed, for lack of a better word, becoming this pulsing orange porthole. A dark shape jumped out of it, and screamed something unintelligible, and the pain that I had been ignoring came at me tenfold. I screamed, my voice mingling with the cries of those around me. The dark figure laughed as other figures spilled forth from the Hellhole.

The world, and everything I knew was coming undone. I knew in my soul it was ending, but with an ending, came a beginning. I stopped screaming and smiled. A beginning. Peace filled me.

Then there was darkness.

It was as if someone had erased the scenery, the people, everything, but I could still see myself perfectly. Silence roared in my ears, I wanted to scream, or something, to do anything to break this deafening stillness, but something told me there was something here, something ancient and powerful, that I didn't want to wake.

Then my heart froze, skipping several beats and I couldn't breath. I thought I would die from lack of air. But, then finally my heart started to beat once more, and the scenery started to fill back in, exactly as it was, or almost exactly. Somehow, this world felt different from before, and so did I. I shook my head in confusion and continued on my way.

Two Months Later…


I stood against the ivy-covered brick wall, checking my watch for the umpteenth time, one of the only pieces of technology that still worked. I sighed with apprehension. Where was that blasted Imp?

I heard a chattering sound, like a spider monkey. I turned around, a slight smile spreading onto my face.

There, perched on top of the wall was Kitteon, called Kitto by his friends, a small Escando imp. He was only two feet tall; with skin a strange magenta hue, mottled with purple spots. His ears were large, like a fennec fox's, with purple tufts of hair at the tips. His nose was like a cat's, but a deep navy blue, minus the whiskers.

His eyes were big and gold, with huge pupils that would have given him an innocent wide-eyed look, if not for the mischievous glint. He toyed absently with a purple tuft of hair, perched precariously on his head, with claw-like hands as pink as the rest of him, save for the small pointed plum nails. His opposable thumbs worked, trying to get a tangle out of his hair.

The pair of brown overalls rolled up to his knobby-knees were worn and showed signs of much use. His feet were that of some-sort of rabbits, covered in pink-fuzz. Coming out of the seat of his overalls, was a long prehensile tail, nearly as long as his body was tall, with a purple tuft of hair at the end.

He smiled at me knowingly, revealing sharp silver teeth as he pulled a parchment note out of his pocked, and jumping onto the pavement via a tree to stand in front of me. "Greetings Necromancer." He said with a bow. Necromancer? What in the world was that? "My Mistress, Anyssa the Silver sends her regards."

Who was this, Anyssa the Silver? Kitto had never mentioned having a master before. I scowled with suspicion, not sure what was going on. "Get on with it, Imp." I growled, my eyes narrowing. It would be just like him to turn on me.

Kitto scowled, knowing full well I had just insulted him by not calling him by name. "Very well." He handed me a note with a flourish. "Just don't expect any info from the higher ups any more." He growled before leaping up into the oak tree and disappearing.

I scowled again. There, I had to let my suspicion run me again. But no matter, there were plenty of other imps I could bribe for info. I slipped the note into a pocket in my jeans, before turning and walking down the street, where cars sat, frozen, no longer able to move, for some odd reason.

I kicked a random can in front of me, lost in thought. Necro meant dead in Latin, so something to do with dead people? Gross. I shook my head at the notion. Why would the imp call me that? I wasn't dead.

Suddenly, a chill wind swept through me. I turned, looking around frantically. Just because most people had left town, does not mean a few lowlives didn't hang around, ready to kill or worse… rape a "helpless" young girl. But there was no one, just… Fluffy? I ran to my old cat. "Fluffy!" I exclaimed, hugging her. "I though you had…died." I realized, Fluffy was cold, and her eyes were glassy, and her once glossy black fur was patched and dull. Not to mention the clumps of graveyard dirt clinging to her. I backed away. But, Fluffy didn't move. She just… sat there and looked at me expectantly.

"Stay." I said. I edged away from her… creeped out, and then I turned tail and ran. What the fuck was going on here? Did it have something to do with what happened two months ago? When the demons came, and almost all technology became so much paperweights?

I ran past looted stores and abandoned houses, to my hidey-hole, a large three-bedroom two story house on main-street, that had been, surprisingly left in tact. A house I later filled with supplies I had looted from everywhere else.

I sighed, walking into the house and going to my favorite bedroom. I sat on the large redwood four-poster bed, and reached for the note in my pocket, before sensing a strange presence. I turned, as a small pain spiked my neck. "Hello Lily." A smooth, husky, very feminine voice purred. Then the world went black.

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