Where Do the Children Play

By writerforever

Based on some true events

A Women's Clinic in Bogart, Georgia


Dr. Amy Inkle climbs out of her car in the parking lot of a small Women's Medical Services clinic in her hometown of Bogart, Georgia. She has worked at this clinic for the past two years. She is married and has one seven-year-old boy, Brady. He's at school.

Amy enters the clinic and the smell of clean white sheets and medicine rushes in on her. She smiles at Becky, the girl that works at the front desk.

"Good morning Becky," Amy says as she removes her coat.

"Good morning Dr. Inkle," Becky smiles.

Amy goes into her own office and throws her coat and pocketbook down in a nearby corner. She sits down at her desk and sighs. Another long day.

Better get at it, she thinks to herself.

"Dr. Inkle?" Jennifer Saunders, Amy's assistant enters the office.

"Hello Jen. What is it?" Amy asks.

"I just came to bring you these files," Jennifer says handing Amy several files.

"Thank you. We'll get right to work," Amy says standing and pulling on her white coat.

"Let's get started," she smiles.

The day is filled with long hours of looking after women who are unhealthy or who need an abortion performed. There are many young girls who enter the clinic who have gotten themselves pregnant or who were raped, attacked, etcetera. Amy treats each and every one of them. She does not encourage abortion but believes that if the girl/woman wishes to have an abortion then it is her choice.

While Amy is talking to a pregnant fifteen-year-old girl, Nikki, who is wanting to have an abortion, Becky comes to the room and peeks in.

"Dr. Inkle, Iā€¦think you should see what's going on outside," Becky says.

"Alright," Amy replies.

She then turns her attention back to Nikki.

"Now I want you to get plenty of rest tonight, think this whole thing over, and then come back tomorrow when you're ready," Amy smiles as she gives Nikki a gentle pat on the back.

Amy steps out of the room and goes to the entrance doors of the clinic. She peers outside and sees at least twenty or thirty antiabortion protestors surrounding the clinic. They are carrying large signs and chanting. Amy sighs and rubs her forehead.

"Do you think I should call the police?" Becky asks.

"Yeah, go ahead and get them down here before things get really bad," Amy says as she turns and walks back down the hallway of the clinic.

Protestors had showed up at the clinic many times before but they had always been peaceable. But today it appeared that they were all stirred up. Amy wanted to be prepared for anything.

A few hours later the protestors were now screaming and yelling at anyone who left or entered the clinic. The police have arrived and are trying to keep the situation under control. Several women in the parking lot approach the clinic and have to be escorted through the large crowd of protestors to the clinic doors. They are rushed in as some of the protestors try to restrain them from entering the building.

"Dr. Inkle, it's getting really bad out there," Jennifer whispers as she helps Amy with a patient.

"It's going to get worse. You can count on that," Amy says.

"I've got to go pick up Brady in a little while," Amy says.

"Oh Dr. Inkle you'd better not go out there just yet. You might get hurt," Jennifer says, worried.

"I'll be fine," Amy replies, trying to believe her own words.

The minutes ticked by and the protestors grow more brave. They try to enter the clinic. A large brick is thrown threw a window in the clinic where a patient sits waiting for the doctor. The woman screams and moves out of the way of the flying brick. Pieces of glass covers the floor. Nurses rush in and help the woman out of the room while someone else cleans up the broken class.

Amy enters her office and pulls her long black hair out of its clasp at the nape of her neck. It falls down her back and she closes her eyes. She knows she has to go get Brady. With determination Amy pulls on her old coat and grabs her purse. She has already told Jennifer to take over the following procedures until she returns.

"I'll be back Becky," Amy says as she goes to the exit doors.

"Be careful out there Doctor," Beck says. Her eyes convey fear.

"I will be. You take care too," Amy says as she steps outside.

The yells and chants of the crowd of protestors is deafening. One of the protestors, a man in his forties, sees and rushes towards her.

"When are you going to stop killing babies?! You butcher!" the man screams. Amy jumps back out of the man's reach and a policeman comes and escorts her through the crowd. People in the crowd grab at Amy and she must jerk free of their grasps.

Finally she is at her car.

"Thank you officer," Amy says to the policeman as she climbs into her car. She starts it quickly and pulls out of the parking lot with several protestors chasing her.

Amy picks up Brady at school. He only has half a day of classes so now she must find a place for him to stay before she goes back to the clinic. She doesn't want him to see all those protestors. Since Brady has no where to stay Amy calls Michael, her husband.

"Michael?" Amy says as she holds her cell phone to her ear.

"Amy? Hi honey," Michael says on the other line.

"Hey baby, listen I've got Brady with me. I picked him up at school and I have to go back to the clinic but it's really bad over there. There's a ton of protestors and things are getting out of hand. I didn't want him to go there with me," Amy says.

"Is it really that bad? Geeze. Listen honey I don't know if you should go back or not either. It could be dangerous," Michael says.

"I have too, Michael. I had patients waiting," Amy says.

"Well can't Jennifer take care of them?" Michael asks.

"No, I need to be there," Amy says.


"Okay, I'll tell you what, I'll take off work and meet you at McDonalds. You can bring Brady there," Michael says.

"Are you sure they'll let you off work for the rest of the day?" Amy asks.

"Yeah, besides it's not that busy here today. I'm just sitting here doing nothing," Michael says.

"Okay then. We'll meet you at McDonalds. Bye," Amy says as she closes the cell phone.

"Alright, you're going to get to spend the rest of the day with daddy. Will you like that?" Amy smiles at her son who is sitting in the backseat of the car.

"Yeah," Brady says.

"I love you mom," Brady says.

"I love you too sweetie," Amy smiles.

Amy makes it back to the clinic shortly thereafter. The crowd of protestors has grown bigger and they have surrounded the entire clinic. More police have been summoned and they try to keep the protestors at bay. As she parks her car Amy sees a young teenage girl entering the parking lot. She is wearing a jacket and has her hood on her head. Suddenly a protestor grabs her and keeps her from entering the clinic. The police do not see this.

Amy jumps out of the car and runs over to where the teenage girl is. The girl is crying as several of the protestors scream into her face things like:

"Don't go in there! Don't murder your baby!"

The girl doesn't know what to do.

Amy pushes her way through the crowd and reaches the girl. She wraps her arms around the girl.

"Leave her alone," Amy says.

"You're a murderer!" the protestors cry out.

Before Amy can comprehend what's happening a man from the crowd appears in front of her. In his hand is a black shiny pistol. He points it at her and the girl. When the girl sees the gun she screams. Amy is terrified and she pushes the girl behind her.

"Don't kill babies anymore!" the man with the gun yells.

He fires the gun. The sound of the gun firing echoes throughout the entire county. Amy feels the terrible sharp pain of the bullet entering her chest. Another shot is fired and then another and another. Blood spurts forth. Amy finds herself gasping and collapsing to the ground. She falls upon her back. Images flash through her mind. Images of Brady and Michael. Then she dies.

After the gunshots are fired the crowd of screaming protestors are silenced. The police rush forward and surround the bloody body of Dr. Amy Inkle.

The teenage girl sits on the ground, crying, as she stares at the body.

The man responsible for the shooting stands with a defiant look upon his face.

"No more babies will be killed today," he states proudly.

He is arrested and handcuffed.

Dr. Amy Inkle is buried a few days later. She has left behind her little seven year old Brady. He doesn't understand why his mother is gone. He doesn't understand why now, instead of his mother, he must have a Nanny to look after him. He doesn't understand why his father has become a drunkard. He doesn't understand.

The End

Many people may take this piece as being a pro-choice piece but it is not, neither is it pro-life. I am pro-life but I believe that there are certain situations where women have the right to choose whether or not to have an abortion.

I also believe that all the pro-lifers protesting, bombing clinics, and murdering doctors at women's clinics is very terrible and wrong. Killing and harassing is not the way to change things. I just wish that they could realize that.

This piece was written because I've read articles and different things about how pro-lifers speak of the doctors at the women's clinics as monstrous beasts. I wanted to show that they're human beings too, with families and homes too. Also I wanted to show that protesting can get out of hand and that pro-lifers should deal with the abortion issue in a different way.