Do you see what your greed has caused? The grief, anger, pain- all of it is your fault. You can bear the guilt- I want no part of it.

On your hands rests the blood of young men, who might have led full lives. And on your hands rests the blood of women and children- yes, children.

The Parliament, it is always the Parliament. You have a despicable love affair with taxes and money. There is always a new tax needed. And you've seen how the colonists react. They call your taxes unfair, unjust. And at this point my conscience forces me to agree with them.

The colonists were left alone before, and then you became king. Everyone got along quite nicely, and you destroyed it. Why did you do that? Because you are dumb as an ox, and full of pride and stubbornness.

You decided to use America to pay off the debt from your war with the French and the Indians. The first law you passed was the Stamp Act. Every single piece of paper must have a stamp. Then, you denied their requests to be represented in Parliament. And then you wondered why they protested. You are always so full of anger. Anger towards me, anger towards the colonists, towards everyone.

After the Stamp Act was the Quartering Act. You decided that it was the colonist's responsibility to provide housing for our troops. Oh, and do not forget that the colonists were also to provide the troops with candles, bedding, firing, salt, vinegar, cooking utensils, and beer or cider. This cost the colonists money, of which most barely had enough. They repeatedly tried to tell you that the troops only took up space and did absolutely nothing. Once again, you ignored them, causing tempers to flare yet again.

I remember how shocked and irate you were on the day that you learned that the colonies were boycotting British goods. All because of the Townshend Acts, those taxes on the most popular items, like glass, paint, tea, and paper. Well, the citizens of the colonies decided to use only American made goods.

Later, you and Parliament were convinced by the Lord North to repeal the Townshend duties, save for the tea tax. Some members of Parliament who still had half of a brain argued that keeping the tax on tea was just begging for more trouble. But you- you told them that it was clear that there must always be one tax to keep up the right, and, as such, you approved the tea tax.

Well, the colonists got back at you. One night, fifty of the Sons of Liberty dressed up as Indians, snuck onto thee tea ships, and dumped all of the tea overboard. After this, you declared that Britain must master the colonies totally, or leave them to their own devices. You definitely did not choose the latter.

So, in your anger, you passed a new series of laws that were so harsh that they became known as the Intolerable Acts. You made the Acts as a punishment for the Boston Tea Party. The first of the laws was to close Boston Harbor to all shipping boats, until the cost of the wrecked tea was compensated for. The second law placed Massachusetts' government firmly under British control. Why, the citizens in Massachusetts could not even hold a town meeting without the governor's permission. And the third law stated that any British soldiers who were accused of murder were to be tried in England, not in the colonies. Not only that, you decided to send more troops to Boston to enforce your laws. Again, people wiser than you said that the Intolerable Acts might force the colonists into rebellion; but, no, you were positive that it would cow them into servile obedience.

But you were wrong. Instead, the colonies protested, petitioned, rebelled. Another boycott was called. The Continental Congress sent you a letter, but you refused to answer. Instead, your brilliant idea was to begin a war.

And so I place this anarchy completely under your blame. If not for you, many who have passed on would still be here today.

--- Queen Charlotte