Come What May by writerforever

We stand

Two figures

Shadows dancing on the ballroom floor

We are afraid

We reach out to one another

But then retreat back to our spots

We are afraid

Afraid of touching

Afraid of falling in love

The music begins to play

We hear it

Our feet are itching to move

Our bodies are filled with passion

Rushing forward

We fall into each others arms

The dance begins

Front foot move

Left foot move

It is the dance of love

Keep dancing

Keep loving

Come what may

The music picks up the pace

Our bodies become one

We cover the dance floor

Our feet move as one

Our hearts are one

We are afraid

But come what may

We are taking a chance

But come what may

We are falling in love

But let come what may

We will keep on loving

We will keep on dancing

So come what may