The rain falls,
And I cry,
Feeling lonely tonight,
It's a storm out there.

And I'm scared,
The world showed it's true colors today,
And I'm wet inside,
And I don't know what's going to happen next.

And my heart is on fire,
Resting in your open hand,
And my soul cannot say a thing,
And yet my heart sings.

But the rain still falls,
They're happy the way they are,
And yet I don't feel the same,
Why do we all want the things we cannot have?

Why must my heart still beat the same?
Why must my tears be these flames?
Why do I fell these feelings?
And yet I feel nothing but this endless pain.....

Why must this sun shine down on me,
When my heart is in endless despair,
Why must this twilight hurt so much,
Why did you leave?

Why did you leave me here alone?
Why must you make me hurt so?
Why must I cry when the sun go down?
And yet why am I here?

In this unholy shrine on earth,
Bowing to this mightiy heart,
In this terrible heat,
Fading away from the sun.....

And yet my heart will never be the same,
I feel like I'll never love again,
This hard feeling to fall away,
Of these fallen stars of the night.

And this burning of the sun so bright,
This twilight of fears,
And these tears of the purest flames,
And the rays of beauty drifting down from the clouds.

And yet all I can feel is that I'm alive,
And you can't hurt me anymore,
This pain I'll never feel again,
These tears of survial.....

And these tears I still cry today,
They'll never go away,
You're trapped in my heart,
As our lips are sealed.....