Forbidden Love

My heart burns with passion

As your lips touch mine

You hands run up and down my legs

In hopes of finding a way in

Your tongue rapes mine

And I gasp for air.

You kiss my neck,

As you hand fumbles under my shirt

You sink your teeth into my neck

As you unsnap my bra

A passionate moan escapes my lips

As you fondle my erect nipples.

You sit up and remove my shirt

Staring at my heaving chest

As I gasp for air

You pull me closer and unsnap my jeans

You slide them off

Taking in the sight of my vulnerable body

You climb on top of me but not before

Sliding your shorts off

I tremble as you run your hand along my side

'Don't worry baby' you whisper tenderly

I relax as you bend down

And gently kiss my chest

I run my hand through your long golden brown hair

As you lower your kisses

I shudder as you reach my pussy

An gently lay a tender kiss

A sultry growl escapes your pouting lips

As you lift your head

And your brown eyes search mine, in hunger

'What?' I gasp

'I love your virginic scent,' you whisper

You lower your head, and proceed to nibble me

I clutch the pillow as your tongue slides into me

Your hands clasp my hips as I begin to wiggle

You lift your head and climb on tope of me.

We smile as you kiss my forehead

'I love you, Julie,' I whisper

Running my hand through your hair once more

'I love you, Maria,' you whisper back.

We lay, arms around each other

Until the dawn breaks

::I wrote this because several of my friends are lesbians, and no one knows how beautiful lesbian love is. Dedicated to Tabi, Beth, Taylor, Terren, Abby, Scott, and every other lesbian, homosexual, and bi-sexual person out there. Don't let the government take your rights away. Gamista::