Why does everyone admire you?

Why does everyone congratulate you on your looks?

Have you not told them what you told me?

You pop pills for your beauty

You purge for beauty

You exercise constantly

You don't care that you are throwing up blood now

You just want to be liked

To be beautiful

You just want people to notice you

You just want people to care

But is this the only way?

You are harming your body

True beauty comes from within

Not by posing as a healthy, beautiful person

You're killing your body

You are dying and you know it

Yet you suffer for beauty

You want to be the smallest person your age

If you see anyone else skinner

You die even more

Does your life not matter at all to you?

You are in a coma now

If you ever wake up you must admit the truth

You purge for beauty

And it killed you