I want to watch the sun rise over Melancholy's Jerusalem
And comfort this crying Harlequin with words I don't possess
Paint pretty pictures in which sea and sky collide in confusion
Though I was never taught how to create anything but discord

This holy water leaves a bitter taste on my chapped lips
Broken nails at the end of every heartfelt friendly handshake,
Chipped teeth and rotten breath, guardians of clear smiles;
Fate is nothing but a little sunshine melting in the morning

I promise to be good, and light amber candles for the dead
With many earnest tears and humble thoughts of repentance.
May lonely angels watch over them in their blessed solitude
While I sink ever deeper into the harmonious sands of time

The only human beauty is in eyes that speak bittersweet truth
Mellow years bore me ever away from my crystal childhood
Yet still the Ocean that taught me reverie remained my nurse:
They say life will never be more beautiful than in your dreams.

Silk, copper and dirt, only idle tokens of my faith in humanity:
This Empire of the Forfeited in Decline which I refuse to abandon,
That brings me solely fleeting passions leaving holes in my heart
And those priceless whispers of hope, giving me reason to live.

AN: Oh I am very happy with this, and that's saying something. No rhymes again! What a relief! The title took me quite a while…helianthus is the Latin name for sunflower, and the way I came up with it is completely ridiculous but once again I'm rather proud of myself!