Morry looked lovingly at the little boy that was his son with half closed eyes. Saric looked almost identical to himself when he was younger. The half-elf raked his fingers gently through the sleeping child's midnight black hair. Hair that was similar to his own, but unlike his, Saric's seemed to glow with a haunting blue-like glow. Like a crown.

Saric mumbled something incomprehensible to Morry's ears. Pointless babbling maybe. A child's sleep with dreams undaunted by the present. Oh, how Morry wished this moment to be forever. A moment when he didn't have to worry about weather or not his child was safe because, yes, he was safe. Safe and sound and nothing were going to change that fact. It was past, so it won't change.

Morry did have some regrets with siring a child fearing for his baby's future. Slavery was not something that Morry was willing to go to. Freedom was not something he'd let his son give up willingly…especially since he couldn't remember a time in his own childhood when he was free.

Regrets? Of course he had them. No matter how free Morry became, the slavers would always come after him, come after his baby and his baby's baby. Morry didn't want that. It was best if he died alone and in the shadows.

Even if he did have regrets, he wouldn't let his son, his baby, realize that. No, he loved his child, loved that he had helped create a being meant to be loved and cherished.

Saric mumbled in his sleep again and turned over on father's warm arm that happened to be that night's pillow.

Morry held his son tight, as if to ward off the slavers that harmed both of their futures, and listened to his baby's even breathing. The cloak that covered them both from the cool, but cold night air tangled as the little boy moved his body around. Morry lifted his body up gently and spread the cloak on them both again. The ex-slave yawned quietly, sucking in the air and letting out a deep breath. He leaned forward and kissed the top of his son's head, careful not to take on a mouth full of hair. With one last look at Saric, Morry closed his eyes and went into a peaceful slumber.