breathing deeply
sprawled on the bed
next to a sister
two temporarily separated worlds.
i feel as though i interrupt for an everlasting moment
the link connecting the dreamers.

one stirs and leaves
the essence of fulfillment fresh in the air but beginning to leave
being replaced slowly by an inexplicable emptiness
a longing for what was never there.

the other is disturbed by the absence
subconsciously knows the link has broken
but will continue her journey in the land of Nod.
i observe her for a second
dare her to move
she looks lost
even engulfed in dreams.

graceful action
i scoop her into my arms
i, the interruption, the cause of sadness, replace her sister
the bond is reconstructed.
she gains comfort and settles down
drapes her paws around my neck as though to embrace
nuzzles her nose into my hair as though to acknowledge my presence.

the perfume of cat after a long day
the feel of soft sugar colored fur
if i close my eyes slowly, drift off a bit
her soft, steady breathing
i feel like it's a reward.
it's a temporary break from a hectic life.

she knows when i need an escape.