In God we trust: this is the message printed on every piece of United States' currency. But Americans don't trust in God, not anymore. They trust in knives, guns, hatred, murder, and lies. That isn't, and never will be, the definition of God. How citizens of the United States of America can believe in spreading peace and harmony is ridiculous when they murder others, their children, and themselves under they protection of Justice?
A man murders his wife because she wouldn't listen to him anymore; the man is put into a gas chamber, or a needle is poked into his vein and a fluid runs through his body that will stop hit heart. Two people are dead, both for senseless reasons. One of them was murdered under the law of the government. How can righteousness by so hypocritical? Government, in the U.S., takes away one persons life to make up for another life. Even basic math skills will let a person know that if they keep on subtracting it doesn't make the numbers add up. In school children are taught that two wrongs don't make a right, but those teachers are obviously lying because that man killed his wife for his reasons, and the law took his for theirs. How does this senseless law protect life: they're both dead in their graves.
A child does not have basic human rights until after the first trimester of a pregnancy. A woman is raped, or a woman just can't afford a child are excuses to have an abortion. Not even an excuse is needed; they can walk in to a clinic with a life blossoming within their wombs, and walk out with that baby lying dead in a trash bucket. And no one can or will do a thing to stop it*. As it stands, the government would rather protect a rock laying on scared ground then a baby. How can a lifeless, unfeeling, inanimate object be more worthy of protection then a fetus with a heartbeat? For a simple reason: the people of America want a choice. They want their daughters to life somewhat respectable lives, so they'll kill their mistakes. And then they want to look down on cannibalism, or some other foreign custom. We kill our babies. Over 45 million lives have been terminated since the Supreme Court of this country ruled a child had no rights until after the first trimester.
Americans don't even show basic decency to themselves. A woman, or a man, will pick up a knife, or a gun, and end their lives. Life had become such a heavy burden that they must dispose of it in any way possible. They probably couldn't kill another person, but they can inflict the cruelest punishment on themselves. In Japan there is a ritual call Sepuku where the inflicted thrust a sword into their abdomens and a family member cuts off their heads all for honor. In America it might be done because of cowardice or severe depression. But neither honor nor the lack of enthusiasm is a just cause for suicide. But we would rather deal with the problems of the outer world for some henotic cause than deal with the unimpressionable despair that causes the death of thousands in our own country.
Humans are, by nature, power driven, egotistical monsters that are capable of receiving and giving such perfect love. In American we choose to express ourselves with death. Death to the guilty, to the innocent, to ourselves. We choose to trust this wall we have built over our eyes. This wall is made of lies, guns, hatred, knives, depression, weapons, morality, ethics, and justice: the face of God. We trust this because we don't want to work hard enough for another view. But every singular truth is wrong. Every reason for murder is false. All the views and opinions of the world put together is the truth. That is God. And in God we need to trust.