Life can be so unfair sometimes

A life is lost

A life is given

Yet we do not have the power

To make that decision

Only God can

So now here I sit

Among the tears

Crumpled tissues

And torn journal pages

Wondering why must we deal

With the grief and the pain

Of losing your best friend

This is one more day of my life

That I will always remember as

A dark and bleak day

Filled with tears

And the sobs of friends left behind

Why I live when they must die?

Why? Why?

But yet, somehow the light of God

Is beginning to shine through the darkness

And is beginning to trickle back into my life again

And I remember that

This is all part of God's big plan

For our lives

So now I must end this ode

To a missed friend

And go back to the real world

To where all my bereaved friends are

And try to comfort them

Through all the hurt and the pain and the grief

And tell them that God loves them no matter what

And that everything will be okay

A/N: I wrote this about 40 minutes after my school found out that one of our seniors died. We will love him and miss him very much.

Dedicated to Niles Slaughter

October 27, 2005